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Oct 2, 2006 09:40 PM

Moving to Hoxton - seeking restaurants and kitchen advice

Hi all,

I'm moving from my beloved New York to London, and specifically to a flat just about on the Hoxton/Shoreditch border. I'm hoping both for restaurant recs and for some advice on how to outfit my kitchen.

For restaurants, I've searched the board and had a great experience at the Princess already; tried to get into the Fox unsuccessfully; and had some bad pho at one of the Vietnamese places (probably my fault not theirs). I've also shamefully not been to Brick Lane yet for Indian - again, my fault. Any other recommendations for the area, probably in the 40 pound range or less (I'm young enough for it to hurt a bit), and also, maybe more usefully, for neighborhood cheap eats?

On the same note, I'm working near Liverpool St; any advice for lunch takeout around there?

The second point is, I left my previous kitchen with my family, and now I have no idea how to outfit my new kitchen in London with cookware, knives, etc. Just where do I go to get this stuff? There's no, Amazon doesn't seem to have a heck of a lot; where does one buy, e.g., Henckels Pro S knives (I'm pretty brand-loyal about those)? Sauce pans (not so with those)? Nobody at my company has given me a satisfactory answer as to where people shop, so, well, here I am.

Of course, any advice as to where to buy the actual food to put in said pots and chop with said knives would also be appreciated - Spitalfields market, I'm guessing?

Thanks for any and all help. I'm pretty sure that having something to cook will make the transatlantic displacement a lot easier to take.

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  1. Welcome to the area. I live at the junction of Shoreditch High Street and Old Street.

    He are some nice things in the area:

    The Foodhall, great place to buy cheeses just next to Shoreditch Town Hall on Old Street. They also sell and serve Monmouth Coffee.

    Broadway Market on Saturday - not as big as Borough Market, but a lot of the same traders sell their stuff there.

    Also there is a great Argentinian Steak House in Broadway Market open in the evenings.

    Best supermarket in the area is Waitrose, and deliver in the area

    For knives, you are going to have to go to Selfridges, although there is a design shop on Curtain Road that may sell a small range.

    1. Food shopping for special things, borough market, Selfridges food hall, the gazzano's (Italian deli on Farringdon Road). Can't beat Billingsgate for fish but be prepared to get up early and freeze a load because there's only so many red mullet (etc) you can eat in one sitting!

      As for real shopping, selfridges basement, John Lewis, Divertimenti. Also I find I'm often best using catering suppliers rather than 'shops for normal people' for my equipment (and cheaper - especially for knives, I am a devotee of wusthof), pages on shaftsbury avenue (their plastic bags will turn your hands yellow), Dennys (?) in Soho and Leon Jaeggi and sons also on Shaftsbury avenue. I also use oxford chefshop who you'd have to call and get a catalogue from as it's mail order (but if it's in stock it's normally the next day - if not, Robert always lets me know!)

      Just in case you're not bringing your books there's 'books for cooks' in Notting Hill. I wish they would ban me from the place, it's harmful on the wallet.

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        Should have said - with the catering supplies people it's worth double checking if VAT is included or not as an extra 17.5% on knives is normally pretty significant.

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        1. Thanks for the great feedback on shopping - Divertimenti seems to have the Pro-S knives, and All-Clad (USA! USA!), so I guess that takes care of all the kitchen stuff I don't want to get at Ikea. Now I get to find out how much a black cab costs from Marlybone to the East End. And I went to the Foodhall last Saturday, had a fantastic brie and marmalade sandwich; I'm thinking I'll be something of a regular there once I get the kitchen set up.

          Any other feedback for midscale restaurants? Notably good takeout food around here? I'm hoping for options other than pizza or Subway if I get home at 10 and am too tired to cook.

          Thanks again!


          1. Cay Tre, the Vietnamese place mentioned lots of times on this board, is on the Hoxton end of Old Street, and does brilliant food which you can takeaway at very reasonable prices.

            I'm also interested in good takeaways in that area, as I am often down there overnight on business, and I hate eating alone in cafes and restaurants.