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vegetarian options at joe's noodle house

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Many chowhounds have praised the Sichuan dishes at Joe's Noodle House in Rockville, usually the fish and meat-based entrees (fish in gravy, wontons in red sauce, etc.)

Are there chow-worthy vegetarian options at Joe's? Naturally, the spicy pickled vegetables (A05) and maybe the spicy cold pasta (N12) are choices, but are any others recommended?

Their vegetarian menu is here: http://www.joesnoodlehouse.com/vegmen...

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  1. There are always quite several solely vegetable dishes handwritten and posted as specials behind the counter that aren't on the menu.

    If V21, Tofu and Vegetable in Spicy Szechuan Sauce is actually the same sauce as the legendary H20 (Fish and Veg with SSS), then that would be a MUST order, because that sauce is one of the best things I have ever tasted.

    1. These are all very worthy dishes from the vegetarian menu:
      A01, shredded radish
      A11, pressed bean curd
      A14, seasoned seaweed
      V04, shredded potato
      V11, crispy and salty eggplant

      1. A01 is just a few bites but add it in - it's a must.

        1. V32! Spicy and Tasty Fried Tofu. They'll make it as spicy and as numbing (different sensations -- ask them about it) as you like.

          1. I can't remember any specific recs (you're reminding me it's been too long since I've gone there--I've been quite enchanted with A&J recently), but I've eaten many a chow-worthy meal on veggie options alone. You won't suffer as a veggie at Joe's.

            1. The crispy eggplant comes with a positively addictive brown sauce.

              Vegetarians will definitely be happy and sated at Joe's.

              1. thanks for all of these suggestions! Wasn't able to get them all, but a vegetarian friend and I went last week and ate

                A01, shredded radish
                A05, spicy pickled vegetable
                A07, thin bean curd roll with shitake filling
                A30, Chinese mustard green, bean curd, & edamame beans
                V04, sauteed shredded potato
                V19, bean curd szechuan style vegetarian (ma po tofu)

                except for A07 (bland, too soggy for me), the appetizers were excellent. Especially the radish and A30, about which I was initially skeptical, but the tiny diced tofu and balance of greens and beans made A30 an excellent accompaniment throughout our entire meal.

                Unfortunately the entrees were very underwhelming. The sauteed potato was sloppy: too greasy, and heavy on the vinegar. I've had this dish elsewhere and have loved it, so maybe I was unlucky; will have to try again. The ma-po tofu was also bland, almost as if the sauce was made from a dehydrated spice mix.

                All and all I'm happy Joe's is around (as well as the mediterranean/middle eastern market next door). I look forward to going back and trying your other recommendations (and the meat dishes).

                1. There is also usually a dish with green vegetables and braised garlic--the vegetable may vary by season. Just ask.

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                    The snow pea shoots and garlic is one of my favorites. Also, they make a crispy eggplant yushiang style that is delicious.