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Oct 2, 2006 09:35 PM

Spring Rolls - Go (on Broadview)

Stopped by Rose's Cafe yesterday for some Banh Mi and noticed a storefront just a few doors north with "Spring Rolls" and "Go" on the signage. I'm wondering if this will be another location for the Spring Rolls franchise. Has anybody heard anything about it? (I didn't see any information about when it's opening. The windows are still papered up.)

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  1. All I know is that yes, it is a new Spring Rolls location of the franchise. Im not sure when its opening or what GO means.. perhaps its going to be like a quick take out version of Spring Rolls.

    1. Yep -- there's a Spring Rolls GO beside the Yonge st Spring Rolls, and it's a counter order, take out place with a few seats, so I imagine that that is what this place will be...I'm hoping that it's not the first sign of the gentrification of Broadview and Gerrard -- fight the power, resist the yuppie pad thai!

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      1. re: TwinklyTerrapin

        Exactly what I was thinking! I'm actually quite horrified that it's going to open there. :-(

      2. There's another 'Go' location on Church, near Queen. The horror, the horror.

        1. Nothing wrong with gentrification ,as long as it keeps the white trash joints such as Tasty Chicken and Jones bar and Grill closed for good...

          1. When SRGO opens, I will give them a try...and likely check out other places in the hood that I would otherwise overlook. A Starbucks, however...