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Spring Rolls - Go (on Broadview)

Stopped by Rose's Cafe yesterday for some Banh Mi and noticed a storefront just a few doors north with "Spring Rolls" and "Go" on the signage. I'm wondering if this will be another location for the Spring Rolls franchise. Has anybody heard anything about it? (I didn't see any information about when it's opening. The windows are still papered up.)

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  1. All I know is that yes, it is a new Spring Rolls location of the franchise. Im not sure when its opening or what GO means.. perhaps its going to be like a quick take out version of Spring Rolls.

    1. Yep -- there's a Spring Rolls GO beside the Yonge st Spring Rolls, and it's a counter order, take out place with a few seats, so I imagine that that is what this place will be...I'm hoping that it's not the first sign of the gentrification of Broadview and Gerrard -- fight the power, resist the yuppie pad thai!

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        Exactly what I was thinking! I'm actually quite horrified that it's going to open there. :-(

      2. There's another 'Go' location on Church, near Queen. The horror, the horror.

        1. Nothing wrong with gentrification ,as long as it keeps the white trash joints such as Tasty Chicken and Jones bar and Grill closed for good...

          1. When SRGO opens, I will give them a try...and likely check out other places in the hood that I would otherwise overlook. A Starbucks, however...

            1. Yeah, its a "to go" version. I have been on the one on church ..... nothing special......Liked the TV at my booth, especially enjoyable as I was eating solo......the basil eggplant dish was satisying .....pass on the pad thai. I was disappointed.

              1. Speaking of Spring Rolls, I was at the newly opened location at Erin Mills Town Centre the other day.

                Horrible. So, so horrible. Along with bad takeout food that is semi-nicely presented, the space is terribly cramped - it is a square room packed with tables, and the sound just bounces around within it. Makes for a loud, unpleasant atmosphere totally not condusive to any type of conversation with a dinner partner. The patio next summer might be tolerable, but only compared to the dining room; and the patio still has the mall parking lot view to contend with.

                Couldn't even get a drink to numb the experience a little; they don't have their liquor license yet. Is this a growing trend - restaurants opening without their license - or has this always happened? I've encountered it twice in a month.

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                  Did you have take out or did you eat in?

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                    It wasn't one of the new "Go" concepts, just a regular ol' Spring Rolls; their latest location. Probably should have put this in another topic, but my rant doesn't deserve its own.

                2. I was picking up some BBQ duck for dinner at Chinatown and noticed last night the new Spring Roll restaurant was open for business. It looks really nice and I'm going to try it this weekend. Anyone know when the grand opening was???

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                    No, I haven't walked by in a couple of weeks. Did it look busy? Were there people inside?

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                      It looked like it was quite busy at around 7pm or so. If I didn't already pay for my take-out Chinese food I would have called company and dined there last night.

                      This yuppy establishment looks like it's going to be doing just fine in the neighbourhood. It's like the Starbucks opening at Queen and Logan is a SUPER location for business. If I had money I would have opened up the franchise myself there...

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                        As someone who lives in the Queen & Logan neighbourhood, I'm thrilled that Starbucks is opening. I think a lot of the Starbucks detractors don't live in the neighbourhood.

                  2. I noticed another one at (i think) Church and Richmond.