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Oct 2, 2006 09:34 PM

A great knife block

I just wanted to share my experience with the Igo Kapoosh universal knife block. I have had it for a year now and I think it is much more versatile than a traditional wooden block.

It is comprised of tightly packed plastic rods w/ a wooden frame, and allow you to place lots of knives of any shape and size in them. It's like sticking a knife in a sandbox. And at $30, it's cheaper than wooden blocks!

The only minor issues I have with it are that my 8" chefs knife sticks out a little bit, and the angle is a little too upright, which does not allow me to push it to the back of my counter because the cabinets impede removal of the longer knives.

I see there is a new oval shaped one, but I think you lose some usable space near the edges.

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  1. I'd add to the raves. I always have more wide knives than can be accommodated in most traditional knife blocks (a couple of Chef's Knives, a Santoku) and this holds all of my knives beautifully.

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      .....without having to put two knives in one slot!

    2. Yes, the stainless steel oval one is nice - a little deeper, and it's tilted. And of course, it looks great.

      They have pictures at:

      1. I love my Kapoosh. Everytime someone comes over and sees mine they want to know where I got it. I agree with Hapa Dude, the angle is a little "off."Since I also like to keep mine on my countertop beneath an under an upper cabinet, it was a problem removing the longer knives. My solution was to put a drawer pull on the front of the unit. When I need a knife, I grab the drawer pull with one hand, pull the Kapoosh down, and reach in with my other hand and grab whatever knife I need. It works really well.