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Chili Cook-off this weekend? (Pasadena)

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A friend mentioned that there was going to be a chili cook-off on Huntington Drive in Pasadena this weekend. Does anyone know exactly where and when this event will take place?

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  1. Could this be it??? South Pasadena??? Huntington Drive???


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    1. re: monku

      arrrggghhh! 40 bucks for a chili cookoff! better be some damn good chili!

      1. re: ciaobella

        Is the $40 to just attend? Or maybe to participate and enter a chili??

        1. re: KellBell

          It looks like it's 40 dollars to attend -- but the event is a charity event.

          Something about well water.

          Assuming that's a good cause -- I don't know much about it -- then the money's for a good cause ... and then there is the chili.