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Oct 2, 2006 08:50 PM

Food in and around East Moriches, LI?

My parents moved to East Moriches and are looking for new places to eat and buy groceries. Granted, they only moved twelve miles from their previous home, but I think they are excited to try new places in their new neighborhood. To that end, who makes the best bagels in and around the area? Who does the best slice? Where is the best bakery? Where to go for a quick bite in the morning? What is the best diner? And are there any good, independently-owned places that are moderately priced? All cuisines are welcome in this query, as I will need to eat when I go there, too. They key here is chains, please.

I passed some places on Montauk Highway that seem promising, i.e. Frank's bakery (?) and Danny's Ravioli Store (?). I will try them regardless, though look forward to hearing people's comments.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. I can't say enough about Country Cottage Diner in Center Moriches, not only the best food but the owners Lucy and Pat will make you feel very much at home. Franks Bakery is worth driving to from far away, so when you live close by it's a big bonus. The best pastries and Italian bread. The biggest benefit to living in this area is Mastic Seafood, the largest selection of seafood at unbelievably cheap prices. And if you're going to Mastic, then the little luncheonette next to Franks is also stellar. Jimmy's Diner,I think, although Jimmy is long gone. I also remember hearing that the Chinese/Japanese place in Center Moriches, across from where Buckleys used to be (I hate when people describe locations that way) was very good.

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      Funny you mentioned the County Cottage Diner. We went there for lunch a few weeks ago in preparation for the move. I had a chicken salad wrap, and my folks had some soup/sandwich combo. The food was good and it is exactly the sort of place I am interested in. And yes, the owners were extremely nice.

      Good to hear about Frank's. I will make a trip there next time.

      As for the place in Center Moriches, is it Tony's Japanese/Chinese/Thai? I spotted that and thought it would be good for lunch.

      Thanks a bunch for these recommendations. I look forward to trying them all.

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        No Tony's is in East Moriches, haven't tried them. This one is in Center Moriches, which has a few more choices. Another place that I just thought of was Shoppingtown Deli in the King Kullen (I think)Shopping Center in Center Moriches: they were a better than average deli last time I tried, make their own baked goods, and the pizza place in that shopping center was very good too. If you want to go a little east, there is a great sushi place on the north side of Montauk Highway in East Quogue.

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          The pizza place in King Kullen center was Antun's. They have moved west on Montauk Hwy across from McDonalds near the curve in the road to MUCH fancier digs with a big restaurant and separate pizzeria. They have an interesting menu and the one meal we had there was good. The restaurant name was changed, compounded with something else.
          Italian American food at Mamma Lisa just west of Frank's in Mastic is good also. Didn't try the pizza there yet.

          Country Cottage is good, also like the breakfasts at William Floyd Diner a mile or two south of Montauk Hwy on Wm Floyd Pkwy just before King Kullen/Home Depot on east side.

          A new steakhouse, Paul's, has just opened in Speonk. Also check out Beach Bakery on Main St in Westhampton Beach. Holy Moses cheesecakes and other pastries are located in the airport at W. Hampton.
          Tried the bagels across from the schools in C. Moriches (Bagel Palace??) big bready things, didn't care for.
          Best bagels so far seem to be from bagel store in Riverhead King Kullen center. Every town from Speonk to Shirley (except E. Moriches) seems to have one or more bagel shops, will have to keep trying. There is a bagel shop and pizzeria in the Monarch Center in Moriches.

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            Just thought i would reccomend bagel deli they have the best bagels and gourmet deli foods. My dad goes all the time the wraps are awsome the heroes huge and the deli iced tea is the best. ( he ships it to me sometimes) Its the bagel deli across from the little diner you went to. My family says they use the old boiling method so they taste like a bagel not a roll. good eats for all

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            I just spent some time out in East Moriches because of Thanksgiving and ate at Michaelangelo's, a pizzeria in the Waldbaum's shopping center. We ordered three pies - plain, pepperoni, and sausage. The sausage was the winner of the bunch. Great ratio of crust, cheese and grease. No dabbing, though! Quite good.

            And the folks want to take me to La Volpe, Anton's fancier outpost, next time we go out. I will report back with that once we go.

      2. We love La Volpe - it's owned by the Volpe family-they have a bit of a fancy menu but will gladly serve the traditional favorites that they had across the street in the Anton's Pizzaria- They will also serve you dinner on the pizza side of the new restaurant off the old menu for a much more casual dinner - The people there are always very nice - They also have great wine food tasting dinners

        1. If they need groceries my 2 recommendations would be an organic farm just off Montauk Hwy in East Moriches. They put a sign on the hwy in the spring/summer & it reads "Herb Garden". In addition to veggies, they grow all these herbs (ex. 10 kinds of basil) that they sell retail as well as to restaurants. Also their lettuce is fresh picked, you tell them which herbs/lettuce you want. Amazing. They have some baked goods too. For supermarkets I like King Kullen in Moriches or the newer & bigger one in Manorville. Which by the way is across from another Michaelangelo's (same family as Moriches) but a much broader selection-fairly unique. Best bakery is Beach Bakery in West Hampton. My favorite breakfast is also in West Hampton ( i forgot the name) it's right near the library & drugstore at the end of town on the main st. They have ricotta lemon pancakes, etc... Dinners are hugely expensive so you might as well go for brunch which is about $10 - $13 per person. It's very rustic looking.

          1. Trumpets in Eastport, one of the best around. I lived in EM for 11 years until recently and know the place pretty well.
            Senix Creek inn in Center Moriches used to be good, havent been there in 2 years.
            Up the road, North to Wading River, Phils is a nice choice for a pub type place with good quality food.

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