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Oct 2, 2006 08:32 PM

Paris Eats

1. Faced with a choice: Relais de Venise de l'Entrecote and Relais de l'Entrecote. Which would you opt for and why?

2. Anyone been to Le Petit Victor Hugo?

3. Hot chocolate/Chocolat chaud. Any favourites?


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  1. There was an earlier thread on hot chocolate in Paris. See link below.

    1. 1. I have never eaten there, but my sister and her family live in London and have gone to one of these since the kids were little. They go to the one in the 6th, but I think that is because they usually stay there. I think either is fine. It is the same family, but two restaurants because of some family feud.

      2. No

      3. I love the hot chocolate a Cafe deux Magots.

      1. Thx for the response

        1. I have not tried it, but friends have and raved about the hot chocolate at Angelina. "So thick you can eat it with a spoon!"

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            It's divine - like chocolate pudding before it thickens. Hot chocolate at Angelina's is something to be savored at least once before you die.

          2. Was just in Paris, had chocolate chaud at Cafe Deux Magot and Anglina. Both were good but have to pick Angelina because of the generous dollop of whipped cream that comes with the chocolate. Plus the chocolate was a little more chaud!