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Tomato Paste in Tubes

Can't seem to find them in my local grocery stores (major chains & Henry's). Does anyone know where I can find it "live"? Otherwise, mail order will do.

Thank you.

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  1. Hi... I believe they carry 'em at Surfas, in Culver City, along with other 'tubed' stuff, like basil pesto. Didn't care much for the pesto, though. Call first, perhaps...

    1. Williams-Sonoma. I just got some last week as I always keep a tube in the fridge. Good stuff too.

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        Sorry, I should've mentioned that I'm in north OC. Culver City is a bit out of the way, but I guess I'll try it if W-S doesn't have it.

        Thank you.

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          Try Claro's Italian Market. Several locations through So Cal, closest to you is:

          1095 E. Main St.
          Tustin, CA

          I believe they close on Wednesdays. I always seem to be in the neighborhood when they're not. :)

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            For certain sure Claro's has it -- I've bought it in more than one branch of Claro's. Bay Cities also have it, and if you make it to Burbank, you can get it at Monte Carlo.

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            Surfas online will take an order and ship. I'm in the San Fernando Valley and don't always want to drive to Culver City either.

        2. I'm pretty sure Whole Foods and Wild Oats have them too...


          1. I've bought it at Pavillions. But they definitely have it at Whole Foods.

            1. If you are on the westside I pretty sure Bay Cities carries those tubes. They also have very nice selection of dried pasta and canned tomatoes..

              I know Surfas has them too

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                I just bought a tube at Bay Cities this past weekend.

              2. Cost Plus carries food items like that, they may have it.

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                  Cost Plus should definitely have it...they did last year.

                2. Be sure to look in the aisle with stuff like olives and jars of artichoke hearts -- lots of supermarkets don't keep it with the regular canned tomato paste for some reason.

                  1. Try Cavarettas Italian Restaurant/Market in Canoga Park. While you're there get a meatball sandwich, the best I've ever had, just delicious!

                    1. I'm not in your area, but I bought mine at Trader Joes.

                      1. that's strange! I've looked for the tubed tomato paste (amore is cooksillustrated's testing center choice) in whole foods and trader joes around the greater la area (and westside) and couldn't find it! i had to get it when i was happening to be browsing through a gourmet grocery store in piedmont by berkeley up north. oh well. where can i find it around downtown LA/silverlake area?

                        1. You might try Silverlake Cheesestore - sounds like something they might have.

                          1. The Henry's in Fullerton (or YL?) carries it...tell the Manager you'd like him to stock it at your local store.

                            1. Henry's?!? Are they in LA? I've been missing henry's since I moved from San Diego... Where?

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                                you can either search by "Henry's" or by zip code. There's one in Fullerton, Glendale, San Pedro & Yorba Linda.

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                                  There is one in Chino Hills and Fullerton, I don't think there are any in L.A. proper since they are owned by the Wild Oats folks...


                                2. I found it (Amore brand) at the Famima on Westwood Blvd. and Ohio Ave. in West LA - maybe other Famima locations have it? (Not sure if Famima is in the OC)

                                  1. You can buy Tomato Paste in jars at Middle Eastern markets for under $2.00 a bottle, it keeps for months and you get about 20 times as much as in the tubes. It tastes just as good too. I use it almost every day to enrich a sauce, make a sauce, thicken a sauce or improve a sauce. Amazing stuff.

                                    1. Angelo's Italian Deli
                                      190 La Verne Ave
                                      Long Beach, CA 90803
                                      (562) 434-1977

                                      1. First of all, Surfas is worth a trip just to browse around (last time I went there I spent easily two hours. My daughters had to drag me out of there, but up until then, they were having fun, too.)

                                        Second, how about buying cans of tomato paste, removing the top and bottom of the can, freezing it until solid, then pushing the cylinder of paste out of the can and storing it in the freezer? You can slice it stright out of the freezer (in my freezer it doesn''t get too hard) and have tiny amounts whenever you want. The tubes of paste are convenient if you can find them, but expensive. Also, I'm never confident that the product in the tube is as good--I guess it sometimes seems overprocessed and oxydized. I lived in Florence once and they all use the tubes there, but here they haven't cought on as much, so maybe the turnover here is slower and the tubes get old.

                                        1. wild oats in long beach definitely has it when my buddy bought one for me last month.

                                          1. I frequent two Italian grocery/delis on the Westside in LA - both carry tomato paste in a tube... If you know of any Italian grocery stores in OC, they should have it... also, most well-stocked "gourmet" shops should as well. As previously mentioned, call ahead if you have to travel far.

                                            1. I have it. I must have bought it at either vons or gelsons