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Serious Pie?

Anyone tried out the new Tom Douglas offering Serious Pie yet?

I just stopped by for lunch, but they don't do slices and I had to get back to work. Bummer.

Has anyone tried it yet?

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    1. It's a new pizza/beer/wine place around the corner from the Daliah Lounge. I think it must have opened up a couple of weeks ago. Very casual atmosphere. I hope they have a happy hour pie/pint deal.

        1. I visited for lunch last week and was very pleased with the pizza. Was not undercooked in the middle like many "authentic Italian" pizzas.

          Nice ambiance and cheerful servers, too.

          Plan on spending almost an hour there.

          1. Just got back from there. Random thoughts:

            -Enjoyed the pizza quite a bit.
            -Clearly top-notch ingredients.
            -Small but pleasant space.
            -Nice to see well-sorted service from the get-go.
            -I appreciated that there's no tiresome claims of authenticity or attempts to rigidly adhere to any particular pizza tradition.

            I'll certainly return. Definitely a quality pie.

            1. How big is one pie? About the same size as Via Tribunali or Tutta Bella?

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              1. Tried out SP whilst in town visiting from Los Angeles (it wasn't far from our hotel and after walking from REI to downtown, we really needed something exactly like pizza). I also should preface this review by saying that (1) I've never had authentic NY or Chicago-style pizza, so I can't make comparisons and (2) the best pizza I have ever had was at the Cheeseboard Collective in Berkeley.

                There now, on to the food. Suffice to say, we thought SP was great, great. We started out with an appetizer that the waiter suggested - prosciutto with a roasted peach. It was pretty good, but not $10 good. My partner had the foraged mushroom/truffle cheese pizza, and I had the cherry bomb peppers with fennel sausage. Both were delicious. The crust was perfect: doughy, crunchy in the right places, not at all soggy, and not buckling under the weight of the toppings. The size of the pizzas themselves were too small to share, but almost too big to finish individually.

                We ended with a roasted plum topped with vanilla mascarpone. It was, like the appetizer, good, but not particularly memorable. I should say that the vanilla mascarpone itself was fantastic -- tasted like warm ice cream (I mean that in the most complimentary way possible.)

                With beer (they have two beers on tap) and a glass of wine (I'm no expert on wines, but they did have a lot of them), the total bill was about $60. Warm, cozy decor, and everyone was very helpful and friendly. Next trip to Seattle (hopefully, there will be one!), I think we'd forego the appetizer and just go straight for the pizza and drinks.

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                1. re: Queequeg

                  Agreed that the pizza and drinks are probably the best bet here. I wrote a (slightly critical) review up on my blog: http://www.criticaleater.com

                2. knowing that, like bargain champagne, tom douglas' places always open spectacularly but frequently fade after a while, i raced over to serious pie and found my own rule broken. lovely, warm space but all seating is on stools at counter height; not good for handicapped. selected the mushroom pizza (a bit pricy at $15 for a size too small to share); the truffle-oil enrichment of the cheese, though very tasty, meant that lots of drippiness was inevitable and actual mushrooms proved rather scarce. appetizers observed at other tables seemed tiny for the prices asked and half the wines on the list were not at all suitable for pizza. this is the first of mr. douglas's fiefdoms that disappinted me on day one; all the others took some time to achieve that distinction.

                  1. I just wanted to give an update on SP. I still like their flavors and their crust very much.

                    One of the things that was a little awkward about their pies in the first few weeks was how they were too large for one but too small for two. Unfortunately after revisiting SP last night we've discovered they've "fixed" this by shrinking the pies and keeping the same prices. $15 for a pie smaller (and overall not much better) than what Tutta Bella sells for $11 makes these pretty darn overpriced. I know they've been doing decent business, so maybe they can sustain these margins for a while. It certainly dampens my enthusiasm, though.

                    1. I finally tried it last weekend, and thought it was great, I love that kind of crust on a pizza. I do agree the price is up there a bit especially when you just want to get some takeout.

                      1. Checked it out tonight. As others have said, lovely space and warm service. We shared the beet salad to start. With a touch more vinegar, it might have captured my attention. The fennel sausage pizza was just right, but the anchovy pizza was overpowering. And that despite the fact that we love anchovies. Tried two desserts and were wowed – the honey ice cream with shot of espresso poured over the top – mmmm glorious finish. And the cranberry “hand pie” was one of the finest bites of the evening. So delicious, tender, a touch of orange – heaven. Will be back, this place is a gem and a nice relief from the noise and expanse of Tutta Bella.