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Oct 2, 2006 08:03 PM

Serious Pie?

Anyone tried out the new Tom Douglas offering Serious Pie yet?

I just stopped by for lunch, but they don't do slices and I had to get back to work. Bummer.

Has anyone tried it yet?

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    1. It's a new pizza/beer/wine place around the corner from the Daliah Lounge. I think it must have opened up a couple of weeks ago. Very casual atmosphere. I hope they have a happy hour pie/pint deal.

        1. I visited for lunch last week and was very pleased with the pizza. Was not undercooked in the middle like many "authentic Italian" pizzas.

          Nice ambiance and cheerful servers, too.

          Plan on spending almost an hour there.

          1. Just got back from there. Random thoughts:

            -Enjoyed the pizza quite a bit.
            -Clearly top-notch ingredients.
            -Small but pleasant space.
            -Nice to see well-sorted service from the get-go.
            -I appreciated that there's no tiresome claims of authenticity or attempts to rigidly adhere to any particular pizza tradition.

            I'll certainly return. Definitely a quality pie.