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Oct 2, 2006 08:00 PM

Another great lunch at Cakewalk

Tenderloin sandwich with horseradish cream and cherry pepper relish, a side of waldorf salad and a cheesecake cupcake (!) for dessert. The sliced tenderloin on the sandwich was medium rare and had a cracked pepper and salt crust - a nice touch. Took some friends who also work downtown and all agreed that this is a gem waiting to be discovered. Noticed they are open for breakfast as well.

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  1. Recent post with more info including website info.
    1326 E. 1st St.

    1. Yeah, it is a nice addition to the downtown chow scene.

      I had a very satisfying lunch of soba noodles, cole slaw and banana pudding.

      Curbside pickup is a charm ...

      1. Couple of friends went to Cakewalk for lunch today; one had the North Carolina BBQ sandwich with side of Waldorf, the other had the Veggie Wedgie sandwich, and both had chocolate cake with whipped cream filing for dessert. They both said that it was delish and recommended that I eat there soon. I must say that the Tenderloin sandwich sounds very good!

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          Just saw a segment about Cakewalk on yourla tv show, sure looked good on tv! Note that they are closed from today until Jan. 02.

          1. re: sel

            thanks for the notice on closure between now and 01/02.
            It was my plan to try Cakewalk for lunch sometime this week but I didn't leave the office before 5PM; in fact, just finished "lunch." Well, there's always next year!