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Oct 2, 2006 07:55 PM

JR's is now Hop Li Seafood

Passed by the old JR's last night and saw a big sign 'Hop Li Seafood' - hope they hired the old chef from the Marina location which closed this past year - his walnut shrimp was the stuff to leave home for. Don't care for the location on Pico - so much grease and a room that looks like my old boarding school dining room - too big, too plasticy and too well lit.

Hop Li Seafood, formerly JR's
SM blvd east of Bundy

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  1. i am eagerly awaiting their grand opening as i am hoping it will turn out to be a decent chinese joint within walking distance from my house (or heck, anywhere on the westside). :D

    1. I had take out from there last week, and all dishes were excellent. The hostess said that they restaurant opened on Sept. 1.

      1. We went last week and they had a new menu and a renovated interior but it's the same staff. The food was similar, but my favorite- the pan fried whole sole fish is not on the menu. They still have it though and I tried it. it was overcooked and too crispy. My overall impression is that it is more of a makeover than a real change, but maybe more changes are in store. I liked the old JR's so I will continue to go.

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        1. re: Mateo R

          I have been back a few times and it has changed for the worse. it's off my list.

          1. re: Mateo R

            Sad to hear it, as I thought it was the best Chinese on the westside....
            What's recommended, now?

            1. re: SoCalMuncher

              Hop Woo - south side of Olympic, west of Sepulveda... it ain't SGV, but the Westside ain't SGV either... it's good basic Cantonese with BBQ as well. If you eat there, the portions are generous, and the dining room is decent. Parking can be tight in the strip mall, so park on the side street.

        2. I stopped going to the old JR's because the service was so poor. I always got the feeling that the staff had better things to do than wait tables and we were annoying them by asking them to get us food.

          1. Went both shortly before and after the change, and didn't notice a significant change in the food. I agree with the poster that called it a more a makeover than anything. For the Westside, it's good chinese. I particularly liked the cured meats fried rice.