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Oct 2, 2006 07:51 PM

MSP: West Bank - suggestions for quick dinner

Some friends and I are going to the Ted Mann Concert Hall on the West Bank (in Minneapolis). We'd like to find a quick bite beforehand, but we won't be able to spend more than 60-90 minutes from the time we enter the place until the time we leave. We've thought of Jewel of India and the Town Hall Brewery, in 7 Corners. Both of these sound "fine" to me, but don't especially excite me.

So I'm looking for other suggestions. Any place new that I've missed? Bonus points for a place close enough to Ted Mann so that we don't have to park twice.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Try Hong Kong Noodles. It's a little place and inexpensive with good Hong Kong style noodles. Also, the sea food is quite good too. it is in Stadium Village on Washington. You could even walk there in 20 minutes from the Ted Mann.

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      The Ted Mann is near Williams arena correct? That should only be a 5 minute (10 top) walk to Stadium Village. In addition to Hong Kong Noodle, there is Village Wok. Big 10 for subs (which I have always been partial to in that area. There is also Bona, and The Lotus.
      Here is a list of other restaurants in the University area:

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        Ted Mann is on the West Bank, across the river from Williams and Stadium Village. I've never measured the walk, but using (a great resource, btw), it appears to be about a mile from Stadium Village to Ted Mann, via the Washington Avenue bridge.

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          oh yeah, duh! I completely glossed over the West Bank bit in the original post. For sure that would be about a 15 minute walk at least to Stadium Village. I agree with you on it is definitely a great resource!

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          I am honestly not trying to be argumentative, I just want to give an opposing viewpoint: Lotus and Bona are not good. Lotus and Bona are sub-par Vietnamese in a town that offers some of the best SE Asian food around. Village Wok is so-so, but I would pick Hong Kong Noodle over it.

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            fair enough. it has been rather a long time since I have been to any of them.

      2. I don't remember any really noteworthy places on the West Bank (for dinner anyway), but I would suggest the Birchwood Cafe in the nearby Seward neighborhood. You will have to park twice, but it's not usually too hard to find parking at the Birchwood.

        In case you've never been, the Birchwood offers cafeteria-style food with heavy emphasis on organic foods. Lots of veggie options, but you can get meaty choices too. The menu changes weekly. Their desserts are fabulous!

        1. I had a good dinner not long ago at Chai's, a newish Thai place on Cedar next to the Cedar Cultural Center.

          1. Is Cedar/Riverside considered part of the West Bank area? There is an Ethiopian/Ugandan restaurant called Tam Tam that got a good write up last week in the Star Tribune. I have never been there personally, but it sounds like an interesting option. It is located at 605 Cedar Avenue.


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              Cedar/Riverside was exactly what I was looking for. Thanks!

              I hadn't heard of Tam Tam and will definitely want try it some other time. (I'll be sure to post a report if there is not a record of the place before we make it there.) Because of time constraints and preferences, I think it probably won't work tonight.

              Thanks for the head's up.


            2. We ended up going to Chai's last evening. I've reported in another post: