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Oct 2, 2006 07:51 PM

Kiriko or Sushi Zo?

Couple of friends want to try an omakase this week. From reading all the endless sushi posts, these two stand out. At the risk of starting another war, which would you recommend for an omakase? From reading recent posts, it looks like at Zo there is not a set price for the omakase. Is that correct? What about at Kiriko? Can you choose quantity/price? Thanks!

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  1. ah geez i think there is a set price point for omakase at sushi zo but i can't for the life of me remember what i paid. (i think it was $60...)

    i would say that the fish at zo is a bit higher quality, but that's not to knock kiriko in ANY way, where the omakase is around $45 i believe.

    if the sushi wars were a tournament, we'd be comparing the #2 and and #3 seeds, i think.

    1. sushi zo is definitely finer than kiriko. value for the money they're about the same. you can also ask keizo for omakase and give him your price range.

      it's different as the market price of fish fluctuates (obviously).

      i also like the atmosphere better at sushi zo.

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        I see that you've been there a few times lately. If we go at 6:30 on a week night, do you think we need a reservation? (3 of us)

        1. re: ThatPat

          i would always reserve and ask to be seated in front of Keizo-san, even though i think it will be relatively quiet when you go at 6:30pm.

          they will ask you if you are coming for omakase. you don't have to commit at that time.

          the last time we had omakase it was $75, but if you want a $50 or $60 omakase, just tell him that. i also enjoy his "fresh" sake the best with the meal. if you're going to order more than four glasses, order the bottle.

          hope you enjoy it. please report back.

          1. re: revets2

            Well, we got there 15 minutes late because of the awful traffic from Santa Monica, but...Zo was definitely not quiet--actually almost full.

      2. Kiriko.
        This has become a regular stop of mine and the fish is very good quality.

        Sushi Zo I loved the first time at lunch, the second time somewhat less so at dinner. I will have to try it again but for omakase to be sure I was going to enjoy it I would definitely opt for Kiriko.

        1. Go with Zo. The quality of fish is better, but so is the price. however, the clincher is the shot of yuzu at the end.

          1. so i have to ask, being a sushi novice and all, you must obviously tip the sushi chef. and you tip your server as well, but not as much? i'm curious as to what you guys do...tia