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Oct 2, 2006 07:50 PM

Seattle Tomorrow Night for Dinner. Best Sushi?

I will be in Seattle, downtown area, tomorrow night and figured i would try to track down some good sushi. I am really into progressive, interesting combinations and am looking for suggestions.
I was thinking Nishino, it was the highest rated on

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  1. Every place has its loyal fans but Nishino is perhaps the most progressive (Nobu style)...for best results, call ahead to reserve and request "chef's omakase" (must be requested a day in advance)

    1. Drake, I haven't found Citysearch listings to be all that accurate. (They can be influenced by a restaurant's own e-mail campaign.) Nishino is very, very good. It comes down to personal preferance and I prefer Shiro's. There is a warmth experienced at the Sushi bar that I have never felt at Nishino. Also, when I ask Shiro San to prepare an Omakase dinner, I am always delighted by the offerings. (Especially if he feels you are willing to try new offerings.)

      1. If you're looking for something progressive, I would go with Nishino or even Ototo (in the Queen Anne neigborhood). I think Shiro's is more traditional.

        1. Mashiko in West Seattle does a lot of very non-traditional but very good items, particularly rolls (i.e. Cajun shrimp) but also some nigiri (i.e. seared hamachi with curry powder and shiso leaf). More traditional items are excellent there as well--it's the only place I've ever been able to eat uni and actually enjoy it. Service can be a little slow, but I think it's worth it. The menu is staggeringly huge.