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Oct 2, 2006 07:39 PM

London recs?

We'll be in London from Oct 10-16 and are looking for some recs.

First, is anyone familiar with a stand in Camden Market that makes a potato/bacon/sausage dish? A friend (who was there two years ago) told me about these French guys. From his photos it looks like it's called "Le Grande Beuffe". They're under a red and white striped tent. He claimed this dish was so delicious that he went back for more on his last day.

Some good cheap eats ($10-$15) mainly for breakfasts and lunches. Is anyone familiar with S&M Café or West Cornwall Pasty Co.? Both were recs from a friend. Probably touristy but is the food good? Also maybe some cafes/bakeries to grab a quick bite.

Traditional English breakfast? Doesn't need to be upscale in the least just good.

Canteen? Worth it or don't bother?

A place for High Tea. Is Browns really worth it? It looks wonderful in the photos I've seen. What about the Orangery? I had tea at the Savoy back in '89 and would like to share the experience with my BF as this is our first London trip together. I know it's a touristy thing to do but I think it will be fun.

Great fish and chips! After doing a little research on this board I've come up with The Golden Hind, Master's Superfish, The Sea Shell...Anyplace else I should think about? We'll probably have them more than once.

Planning on checking out Borough Market and still undecided on The River Café. We're armed with our Time Out Cheap Eats guide as well as that Time Out Lunch issue from a few weeks back and will probably search Gutter Eats for additional places.


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  1. Canteen is fantastic. Great wine selection, amazing pies and dessert, and the ambience is very cozy.

    1. suggestion - there are a million and one posts about london, and the much improved search engine should amply help you calibrate your efforts.

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        As I mentioned in my post, I did some research. Just need a little help narrowing down.

        Some of the places I mentioned yielded little or no results.

        But thanks for the suggestion.

      2. F&C: Takeout at Sea Shell is much better than the sit-down (separate entrances). There's a great place called Nautilus on Fortune Green Road (Tube:Kilburn. Has anyone been to Rock and Plaice in Covent Garden? What's the pricing like?

        Lunch: skip the Pasty place, very disappointing.

        Borough Market: theres a place called Roast, very nice.

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          BTW, what do you think of the Square Pie Co. for pies? They seem to have some press and the pies sound delicious.

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            Looks good I might try it! I think I'l go for the Steak & Kidney or Steak & Guinness

        2. I agree with the rec on Roast. The soups are great, and it's a really different way to get "gourment" British food. Stick with the new-twist classics. We tried the fixed menu once and enjoyed it, but have chosen to order off the regular menu every other time.

          Also, I really like the Dorchester for tea. They serve the tea in the promenade on comfy couches, so in addition to a great and elegant tea, you also get to do some people watching as the guests go to and fro. However, Brown's is also a very nice place for tea, and for a special occasion (ie, BF's first real tea) I'm always willing to spend the extra money to have a truly memorable experience.