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Need Upscale Restaurant in L.A. for Xmas Dinner for 30 people Private Dining Room

I have been assigned the task of putting an annual Chrismas dinner together for about 30 people. Want something upscale and really would prefer a private room. Any thoughts out there?

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  1. Don't know about private rooms,think they do have space, but Lawry's The Prime Rib on La Cienega. We have celebrated Christmas eve many a year there...the perfect kind of food! Yummmmmm.

    1. our firm had our xmas dinner at spago quite a few moons ago (roughly 25 people). it was fantastic!

        1. How about Chez Mimi? She has some lovely private rooms with fireplaces that would be especially nice during that time of year.

          1. Vincenti in Brentwood has a private room that seats around 30 I think. I have been to a party there before was very nice and warm. They put to gether a great set menu with 4 or 5 courses.

            1. I'll second Chez Mimi. I've been to a couple private dinners in the back room, off the patio, and it's very cozy and nice.

              1. Some people believe that Giorgio Baldi is the best Italian restaurant in this Uberopolis? It is my understanding that they have a private dining room that might fit your group's size?

                Girogio Baldi
                114 W. Channel Road
                Santa Monica (Canyon)
                (310) 573-1660

                Note: Yes, I know, it's not in your requested area; but it would be worth the drive!

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                  have you eaten here? definitely not the best italian even on channel road!

                  also, LAT's 10/4 review:

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                    I have been to, and hosted, about 10 private parties in Baldi's private room and never heard anything but raves from guests regarding the quality, quantity and service. I have even found the price to be quite acceptable for large groups (80 and up pp depending on wine selections)and for the quality.

                    I am not Tom Cruise nor am I a Hollywood heavyweight. I am not a superstar rock/rap/pop musician nor a current (or past) President of the United States. Though I have seen all of these types enjoying themselves immensely at GB's. The Lobster specials (so flamed in that article) is one of the best things I (and several other discriminating palates I have dined there with) have ever eaten.

                    I have (usually, actually) waited for a table (despite making reservations) but I have never been turned down for a reservation, just asked to alter my time which is relative there anyway - you wait unless you are one of the aformentioned movers and shakers but usually not more than 10-15 minutes and NOT one second for a private party. The wait sucks, but IMHO worth it compared to most other Italian joints around town.

                2. I went to a company party at Ca Brea quite a few years ago. It was upstairs in a private room and the food was excellent. The party was about 30ish and it seemed like the perfect sized room for the group.
                  Ca Brea on La Brea near 3rd.

                  1. If Santa Monica is not too far west, try Melisse.


                    1. Go to French 75. Festive.

                        1. Sorry, yet another one: Vibrato is beautiful and has a nice room upstairs.

                          Please keep us posted on what you decide to do.

                          1. Hotel Bel Air - room next to the dining room (down the corridor, across from the patio) - 4 tables for 8, great food, service (and holiday atmosphere that time of year)

                            1. try Akwa in Santa monica they have a private room in the back

                              1. Giorgio Baldi is one to avoid, especially if you believe yesterday's LA Times review.

                                1. Campanile has a private room upstairs . Not sure if it would seat 30 guests though.

                                  1. Check out Ciao Trattoria on 7th Street. I don't know what the minimum number is to reserve the banquet room, but at night with a lit Christmas tree, it's stunning.

                                    The food's not bad either. haha

                                    1. PATINA has a lovely side room that will accomodate at least 30.

                                      PROVIDENCE, an even better choice, has wonderful private room options.

                                      JAAN, at the l'ermitage BH.

                                      1. Cafe Pinot downtown, absolutely beautiful setting in the Maguire Gardens next to the Library

                                        1. Thanks for all the suggestions. Vibrato looked good but was booked the night I wanted. Going to go with Pinot Bistro in Studio City.