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Best Pancakes/Breakfast w/in 40miles of Stowe, VT

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ok, I've combed this message board for diner or similar places to have great pancakes/big hearty breakfast, but I don't seem to see anything near Stowe. Any recommendations?! Thanks in advance

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  1. I like to head over the notch into Jeffersonville and grab breakfast at 158 Main.

    Excellent bread, big breakfasts, and great atmosphere. They have a country scrambler thing that is my favorite.

    I've had meals ranging from amazing to slightly disappointing here, but they are usually on 90% of the time. It's a pretty drive at least...

    1. Try the Dutch Pancake Cafe at the Grey Fox Inn right on the mountain road in stowe. It's been a long time since I've been there, but it was good the last time I went. And, they're all about pancakes.

      1. I'll second the nomination of 158 Main in Jeffersonville. Locals and long-time visitors know it as the diner in the rustic old Windridge building.

        1. Thanks for the quick reply - 158 Main seems like it would hit the spot - especially re atmosphere (tho' I hope the locals won't mind the onslaught of out-of-town leaf peepers this weekend). I've heard about the Dutch Pancake and wonder if they make regular fluffy pancakes as opposed to dutch pancakes baked in a skillet in the oven per their namesake (not crazy about the latter) - I would assume so.... Thanks and any other recommendations welcome!

          1. Can't say anything about the pancakes here, but I had a pretty good brunch at Mr. Pickwicks (Ye old England inn) in Stowe.


            1. Just this morning we all had blueberry pancakes at the Danville Inn in Danville, VT. Very reasonable 4 fo us totalled $25), plate-sized pancake with good sides. Other dishes looked substantial as well. Lunch menu had REAL lobster roll for $7.95! Guess we'll be back! Dining is in the parlor and living room of an old victorian B&B. 3 squares a day, closed Sunday & Monday - although the Inn is open.

              1. I like the pancakes at the Coffee Corner in Montpelier very much.

                1. Thanks for the 158 Main suggestion - didn't have pancakes but had a nice lunch yesterday - an open face turkey sandwich that had carved turkey instead of the usual cold cuts so that hit the spot. As mentioned great local atmosphere. Pancakes at Blue Benn diner in Bennington were great - big and fluffy. Brkfst at McCarthy's in Stowe was just eh - tough pancakes - crisp on the outside and pasty/dry on the inside. Don't know that place is so crowded!