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Oct 2, 2006 07:02 PM

Taku to Manhattan; chef opens La Lunetta

Read that the Taku space will become an Italian place called La Lunetta. This was from an interview with the owner/chef. Taku is moving to Manhattan. La Lunetta's food will be offered at Brooklyn Eats tomorrow.

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  1. Looks like its coming next week. nymag has it on the list of openings for the week of oct 9th.

    La Lunetta
    116 Smith St., nr. Dean St., Boerum Hill, Brooklyn 718-488-6269
    Smith Street’s restaurant row has seen its share of openings and closings—more than a few of them at this address alone, which went from the clam-shacky Pier 116 to the creative-Japanese Taku, and has now been converted by the Taku team into the less-expensive Italian-inspired La Lunetta. Chef-partner Adam Shepard has swapped his Berkshire-pork ramen for braised pork belly with stewed runner beans, and his signature chicken wings for fried artichokes (look for those dishes to resurface in lower Manhattan, where Shepard plans to relocate Taku). The rest of the menu hews to the increasingly prevalent small-plates format, with an assortment of wine-friendly cured meats and cheeses, and prices ranging from $3 for mushroom bruschetta to $16 for penne with rosemary-braised lamb and ricotta. The redesign encompasses red tufted-leather banquettes and antiqued sconces, and the garden seats 30 as long as the weather holds.

    As much as I'll miss Taku (curious to see where in downtown he's going to relocate it), this sounds promising. Yeah its italian but certainly doesnt sound like your typical neighborhood pasta place.

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      But isnt it all going to hinge on the cooking? As Im reading, it looks like the chef is moving on.

    2. My understanding is he'll have two places....the italian where Taku was located, and a newly relocated Taku in Manhattan. Certainly not unusual for one chef to own two restaurants (the chef is the owner). Just means he'll be splitting some time between the two--how well he can monitor two places is what it'll hings on.

      1. Judging by Taku, I can only expect a quality experience, but is it just me or does this sound a little like a north-side version of Frankie's?

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          It's not just you, but I was a fan of Taku and I'm willing to give it a shot. Just kind of sucks that we'll have to travel for Taku.

        2. It opened Saturday night, apparently. No idea what the hours are, but the menu in the window is a nice mix of pastas, secondi (many slow-simmered, as promised), and cheeses. It seems to be becoming a kind of standard for the area ever since Frankie's, but none of these other places had Adam Shepard in the kitchen. Coule be interesting...

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          1. re: lambretta76

            I still have yet to go to Frankie's (never feel like walking quite that far in the evening and too close to drive) but from what I saw of the menu, it looks far more interesting and creative than Bucco Luppo or Paninoteca, which I'm glad about. Either of those places (and I enjoy Paninoteca) could be run (for the most part) by anyone who can slice a (fairly generic) cheese or toast a panini.

            This place looked far more intriguing to me from the menu yesterday.

            As you said, Shepard's in their kitchen. I'm planning to check it out on friday :)

          2. I noticed the menu yesterday. It looks very nice. It seems more like a Brooklyn scaled down version of Lupa.