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Oct 2, 2006 06:40 PM

cilantro in salem- have others enjoyed their meals there?

we found ourselves in salem on saturday night, and had heard mention, in the past, of both finz and cilantro (probably both on the phantom gourmet, i think?). finz was PACKED (45 minute wait when we got there), and obviously a popular place, while cilantro had a few empty tables. we decided to try cilantro, as we both love mexican, and someone said, as we were looking at the menu outside, that it was 'really good'. however, the food did not really seem mexican to me at all. we both had seafood, and, oddly enough, detected old bay or old bay-type seasoning in both dishes (um, celery seed doesn't seem very common in mexican dishes, as far as i can recall...). my boyfriend's sides were: rice, a vegetable medley that was SO salty and appeared straight out of the freezer bag (crinkle-cut carrots, peas, lima beans), and an odd mixed green salad with broccoli. my shrimp was served in what tasted like a canned tomatillo sauce.

perhaps we've been spoiled by having had REAL mexican food in MEXICO, but we were just disappointed by this meal, considering the price. are they supposed to be mexican fusion?

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  1. Unfortunately, Cilantro is one of those places that has gone steadily down hill since it opened. Yes, the veggies are all out of a bag. The quality of the food is not great and the prices are, IMO, quite expensive.

    1. Cilantro was a huge disappointment. Having previously lived in the Cambridge/Arlington area and now living in Peabody, we enjoy going to Salem to capture a similar vibe. We popped in here tonight because it looked promising with a cozy, warm ambience. But that's about all it had to offer. Over a hundred dollar bill (with tip) for dinner for two, a couple of glasses of sangria and two cervesas. My dinner consisted of those salty bagged veggies mentioned by previous post, minute rice, and three chicken tenders with some incredibly salty cheese and sauce. Really, it was horrid! The waitress was about as good as the food...and we felt rushed the whole time. I wish we went next door to Salem Beer Works for dinner. We will not return and will definitely not recommend to others. Such a shame because there is so much potential.