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Oct 2, 2006 06:21 PM

butcher in sunnyside

this is the one thing i have never found...
most of the times i order meat from fresh direct, other times i have gone down to ottamanelli in woodside. what does everyone else do?
don't tell me butcher block...although i love them for some items...they could not give me ground pork once.... i have a feeling it is a "what you see is what you get" sort of thing.

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  1. That is so not true about Butcher Block. I have had them make up special cuts dozens of times. They've ground lamb for me, cut a porterhouse 2" thick, and made sausage from my grandmother's recipe. Give them another chance.

    Have you tried the two Columbian butchers on Greenpoint between 44th and 45th (I hope I have the block right)???

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    1. re: timmernyc

      wow...actually made sausages from a recipe! i am impressed, that's really nice of them! i wonder why the guy wouldn't give me ground pork...wait it might have been veal...maybe they don't carry veal?
      i haven't tried the columbian butchers on greenpoint. thanks, i might, but if butcher block would be willing to give me the different cuts i need, bones, etc. it might be more convenient for me.

      where do you go for fish? i refuse to go to that nasty place on QB...between 42 and 43rd. nasty.
      yet again, i turn to fresh direct. stop and shop's not too too bad either for fish.

      1. re: ceeceee

        oh and don't get me wrong about the butcher block, i do love the place. after that time with the ground meat however i got a little like oh ok, must only have what they have on display...
        but i guess i was wrong. i'm practically in there every other night for run of the mill stuff and irish goodies for my hubbie.

        1. re: ceeceee

          I shop at the fishmonger on QB and am always happy with my selection. I keep it pretty simple - scallops, tilapia, tuna, soft shells, cod, shrimp and lobster. I've never had a questionable piece (which is more than I can say for Stop and Shop whose shrimp always tastes frozen to me).
          I've even used their tuna for sushi and ceviche with no issues.

          1. re: tracyk

            i've been in a few times and thought it was kinda dirty looking.
            this was years ago though....havn't been back in a long time. maybe i'll give it another shot.
            i'm just getting fed up with always having to order from fresh direct. i'd like to be able to stop at a butcher or fish place on the way home...

            1. re: ceeceee

              Oh, don't get me wrong! It is pretty darned dirty in there!! But I don't scare easily and I have such a hard time coordinating Fresh Direct and/or justifying their prices, as I feel like their quality in produce and some other items has declined in the past year or so.

            2. re: tracyk

              I like Fish House on 42nd St. between Greenpoint and 48th Ave. for fresh fish and seafood. They also fry their fish for take out, if you're in the mood. I think they might deliver too.

        2. Las Americas is great... I do like them, solid Bacio, but not as good as Don Francisco in JH.

          Butcher Block's just fine! They do special cuts!

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          1. re: Monkey Man Jake

            is las americas one of the places on greenpoint?

          2. There are a few butchers on the same stretch on Greenpoint. Does anyone have a favorite?

            The Butcher Block gave me no problem and didn't charge me extra when I ordered beef tenderloin and asked for it to be cut into cubes for fondue.

            Not quite a butcher, but I like the European sausage place on 43rd St. between QB and 43rd Road. They have nice, garlicky kielbasa. I wish I could get a primer on the vast assortment of dried, smoked and fresh sausages and meats there. It can be overwhelming, but I just wing it and point to something new from time to time.

            1. I'm a regular at the place you mentioned - Sunnyside Meat Market, have tried most of the cold cuts and sausages, what would you like to know?
              Also, the owners (the older lady, she's almost always working the counter) or her son are very nice and will always offer a taste of salami or sausage if you show interest. The younger lady there just started working and she might be a bit confused (more than you, I'd guess :) )

              What I buy there: bologna (with garlic), ham (the round one), the smoked pork loin and tenderloin, the smoked chops (grill them for a couple of minutes on high heat and serve with mashed potatoes and a nice salad), the thin long sausages "cabanos" or "oltenesti"(cut in 2 inch pieces and swirl for a couple of minutes in a very hot greased pan), one is drier than the other. What else... the pork chuck, hard to find cut, that I marinate in oo, s&p, red vinegar and garlic, and grill. Their fresh sausages are decent also.
              Oh, and how could I forget: the best smoked hocks I've had so far anywhere.

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              1. re: RedVelvet

                Thank you so much for the information. This is what I was looking for! I will start with your suggestions, they should definitely keep me busy for a while. Thanks for the preparation tips too. I'm excited to go in an order like a pro and it's good to know the owners are helpful.