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Oct 2, 2006 06:13 PM

Best jiaozi-style dumplings?

Haven't seen a recent post on this lately (recent ones tend to focus on just one or two dumpling houses) so figured I'd start one -- who serves the best jiaozi-style dumplings (as opposed to the doughball gnocchi-style) in Los Angeles?

I'm expecting a few Din Tai Fung posts -- and I'll contend its quite good, but what they considered a shu mai was absolutely horrifying to me!

Of courses, specialties, addresses, hours/days opened are appreciated.

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  1. Dumpling House in Rosemead, IMO, has the best dumpling skins -- hearty, thick, chewy and boiled "al dente" so that eating them requires effort, effort in a good way, and sets them clearly apart from xlb. In reality, they are made as if mandu were cross-bred with traditional Beijing dumplings (probably not a coincidence as the owners are part Korean). I always get the fish dumplings.

    Dumpling 10053 offers good jiaozi without being fussy. Skins are chewy and there is the right ratio of filling/dumpling skin.

    Dumpling House Restaurant
    5612 Rosemead Blvd.
    Temple City

    Dumpling 10053
    10053 Valley Blvd. #2
    El Monte

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      Cool - heading tto 10053 tonight for dinner (how disappointing that they don't have over 10,000 varieties of dumplings? heh) -- anything there in particular you recommend?

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        I like the sea cucumber and veggie dumplings, and the shrimp are pretty good as well. Chowdad and chowbro love the potstickers.

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          I like the fish dumplings at 10053 -- there are 2 varieties but always forget which one is better, one type of fish dumplings I believe is 0.50 more expensive. Go with the cheaper one, it's better.

          Veggie dumplings aren't bad, either.

      2. I'd like piggyback on this post and ask for OC dumpling recs too, please. Looove the dumplings, wanna eat more.

        My current defaults in Irvine are A&J Cafe, Red Onion Cafe, and Sam Woo, so other options would be very much appreciated. The more authentic, the better. Looking for flavors from my childhood.

        - Chubbypanda

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          Ten Ten Seafood next to the 99Ranch shopping center (5 and Euclid)