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Oct 2, 2006 06:05 PM

Jersey City Seafood and Meat?

Where can I buy quality seafood in Jersey City?

And meat, poultry?


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  1. I like Supremo Market on Palisade (near Ravine) for fish. It's a neighborhood market, and they don't have very expensive fish, like sushi grade tuna, but if you want to make a good bouillabaise you should do alright. The inventory changes according to the day of the week, and if you wanted anything special you could ask for it.

    1. For really high-quality seafood, drive north to Edgewater to Mitsuwa on River Road. It's a Japanese supermarket chain that is primarily on the West Coast. They also have Berkshire pork and a great Japanese food court.

      Just moved to Westchester from Jersey City and I miss this place the most.