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Childhood Memories...

My grandmother making sweet bread for Easter.
Malted Milk, bosco or Ovaltine flavored milk with lunches
Ginos pizza rolls that were like huge calzones that you toasted in the toaster
Chung King fried rice mix that you made yourself. It came in a little chinese take out box and was delicious.
Slushes from Vans Market- the little store around the corner from my house
Kemps hamburgers- way before Mickey Ds
Marty's hot dogs in gov't center
Homemade chocolate chip cookies (from scratch not the mix)
Alaskan King Crab sandwiches from Kelly's (pre lobster roll days!)
Mint Julep, squirels, UFOs, black licorice laces, Taffy (I think it was bonos?), penny candies
I rember these large chocolate covered cookie like things that were like graham crackers stuffed with marshmellow and entirely dipped in chocolate. Don't recall the name
This is all I can remember right now-
What are your memories???

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    1. re: mochi mochi

      That's it- Scooter Pies. I could not for the life of me remember the name of those childhood delights!

      1. re: MeffaBabe

        I loved those waxy chocolate confections!lol

      2. re: mochi mochi

        The ones I remember were the same but had little dollops of a jam in them. Raspberry? Can't remember what they were called.

      3. Bonomo's Turkish Taffy and the "large chocolate covered cookie like things that were like graham crackers stuffed with marshmellow and entirely dipped in chocolate" that MeffaBabe recalls. Also, a soft devil's food cake shaped like a hamburger bun with white filling in the middle. OMG.

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          1. re: Chris VR

            All Whoopie Pie lovers should give this place a try. They even have a 5-pounder for birthdays and such:


          2. re: Deenso

            Not a Whoopie Pie, but I know exactly the delicious cookie you're talking about. I think it disappeared about the time when commercial cookies started to be constructed using lots of cheap, artificial ingredients.

          3. My mother's potato pancakes with apple sauce, oh that wondrous grease.

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            1. re: beevod

              Oh my- how could I ever forget moms potato pancakes- we loved sour cream on them! I forgot all about those lovely golden discs of goodness!

              1. re: MeffaBabe

                Latkes with applesauce, salt and pepper. Yum.

            2. Sunny side up eggs with bacon every Sunday. To die for!!!!!!!!!!

                1. re: chefcyric

                  Wagonwheels? that's what they were in Nova Scotia.

                  1. re: Sam Fujisaka

                    Man. this is an old thread, but, Sam, you really got these in elementary school? Where were you?

                    1. re: pikawicca

                      Really good food from elementary through high school in Fresno, California.

                      Of course, my real memories come from my extended family of great cooks.

                      1. re: Sam Fujisaka

                        The high school I attended made really good (to me at that time) cinnamon rolls, which of course I got instead of (rather than in addition to) the regular tray lunch.

                        1. re: Sam Fujisaka

                          Not sure about the UFOs you're referring to but TJs has a product called chocolate mint UFOs next to the chocolate chips.

                    2. Mommy used to fry up delicious carrot fritters, which we would eat hot out of the fryer. I don't know why or when she stopped, but she hasn't made them in 25 or more years. I'll have to ask her what happened, and why she stopped.

                      Shakey's pizza, eaten while watching Laurel & Hardy films on the projection screen. My family always got mushroom topping on one pizza, and shrimp on the other.

                      McDonald's fried apple pies. I miss that blistery, crackly crust with sweet, molten apple filling inside!

                      Mommy's chess pie was the best. Buttery, milky, and good. I'd cut a slice and eat it out of hand while standing at the kitchen counter.

                      I remember after school eating a slice of chocolate cake topped with Cool Whip while watching reruns of The Brady Bunch.

                      The peach cobbler in my elementary school's dining hall was to die for. Peach cobbler is still my favorite dessert today.

                      Red licorice strings.

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                      1. re: browniebaker

                        McD's baked version of their former fried apple pie is very good, and my local sells them 2 for $1. Get a milk and a breakfast burrito and I'm all set to start the day.

                        1. re: browniebaker

                          McD's fried pies are still available in Mexico (and probably other locations around the world). Also available (again, in Mexico) are "queso pies," which contain a sweet cheese filling. Awesome.

                          I prefer the baked apple pies cold. I'd get a whole bunch and stick them in my refrigerator before eating... tasted better to me for some reason.

                          1. re: Devourer

                            Devourer, have you seen this website listing locations around the world where McD's fried apple pies can still be bought?


                            Next time I travel, the list goes with me.

                            Sharuf, I am mustering the courage to try the baked version at the local McD's. Just don't want to feel let down if it's not close to the fried pie of my memories.

                        2. charlotte russe
                          king vitamin cereal
                          grandma's beattie's chicken fricasee with dumplings and chicken necks
                          grandma bella's kasha varnishkes [with elbow macaroni] because she always said that the bowties were too expensive and her coleslaw and potato blintzes were the BEST
                          sicilian slices from reliable bakery in bensonhurst [brooklyn] ny
                          goodmans egg noodles with pot cheese when i was sick
                          lamb chops at lundy's in sheepshead bay [brooklyn] because i refused to eat seafood as a child
                          3 from column a 4 from column b family dinners at the local chinese restaurant

                          i could go on and on ...

                          1. Quisp or Quake?

                            tuna fish sandwiches and tomato soup

                            Mom's homemade baked macaroni & cheese, still the best I've ever tasted.


                            Mom's potato and onion soup

                            Tomato sandwiches

                            cinnamon toast

                            freshly brewed loose tea. our friends, whose folks bought them kool-aid and pop, thought we were a little odd because we drank it constantly, hot or cold depending on weather, unsweetened. Still do.

                            - this is certainly a nice way to begin the day! Toast & tea and thoughts of home for breakfast this morning.

                            1. Homemade canned peches or pears and toast(for dessert or breakfast)
                              big dill pickles from the corner store
                              REAL red licorice
                              Elementary school cookies
                              apple pie w/slice of cheddar cheese
                              Mom's short ribs with red gravy(the Best)
                              Friday dinner of fried shrimp with catsup&mustard sauce,Rice a roni fried rice and green peas
                              fried barracuda&Mom's potato salad,corn bread
                              cheese toast
                              chuck steak
                              tomato&cottage cheese salad or pineapple&cottage cheese

                              1. School Cafeteria Sloppy Joe's, Cant duplicate them.

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                                1. re: malibumike

                                  And school cafeteria American Chop Suey!
                                  Space food sticks
                                  Great Shakes
                                  (I still LOVE pineapple cottage cheese)
                                  Mom's cinnamon cookies made from leftover pie crust

                                  1. re: PrincessBakesALot

                                    I LOVED American chop suey. It was so bad it was good. Any spaghetti with cheap sauce and ground beef and made so soft it melted in your mouth. No al dente. (Yes I like that now but it's not nostalgic.)

                                2. My grandmother made juice out of raspberries and rhubarb. Hardly sweetened and so strong.
                                  Fresh blueberries eaten like cereal in a bowl with milk and sprinkled sugar.
                                  Lik em Stiks.
                                  Grilled cheese sandwiches.

                                  1. My grandmother making me lamb chops, mashed potatoes and applesauce three times a day just because she loved me and I was in a phase.

                                    Little fake ice cream cones of marshmallow with sparkling sugar atop when I hated real ice cream.

                                    Hot Russian black bread brought up from my grandfather's bakery and layered with icy cold butter and sprinkled with salt.

                                    Hot dogs split and grilled and served on a seeded long roll at the neighborhood luncheonette. With fries. And a pickle.

                                    Eating prune whip out of the can in the bakery's storage room.

                                    1. There was a beverage stand in Brooklyn (maybe Sutter Ave.?) that served a cold, creamy drink called Coconut Whip (Sometimes plain, sometimes chocolate flavored) in cone-shaped paper cups. The closest I've ever come to finding anything like it is the Coconut Champagne at Grey's Papaya. It was much thicker & creamier though.

                                      1. Corn Toast R Cakes with peanut butter

                                        1. Homemade sodas with some kind of berry syrup (real berry flavor- imported) and soda from the glass seltzer dispensers the grandparents had delivered weekly.
                                          Fighting for the half maraschino cherry that came in the fruit cocktail we were sometimes served for lunch in lieu of salad by grandma. This was a full on cooked meal.
                                          Grandma's baked rice. Just regular rice baked in one of the enamel pots she used for everything. (brought I think from Austria) We called it sticky rice.
                                          Fresh peas or green beans in a white sauce enlivened with clipped dill and flat leaf parsley from the garden.
                                          Home fried donuts. I don't remember the occasion, but one or more would have a coin tucked inside.
                                          Crepes for dinner with really good jams, or just powdered sugar.
                                          Sitting around with a big group and a gigantor bowl of whatever fruit was in season and just gorging.
                                          Getting punch drunk on honey when we emptied the hives.
                                          Mom's veggie soup with the chewy dumplings.
                                          Hot farina cereal for breakfast with Nestle's Quick stirred in.
                                          Freezing Big Hunk candy bars and breaking them on the sidewalk into chewable pieces.
                                          Home made cream horns. It was torture waiting for the puff paste to cool enough to fill with whipped cream.
                                          Roasting marshmallows after dad grilled steaks.
                                          Oh man- I gotta stop- the list goes on.

                                          1. Just as dinner was getting ready, mom would hand me a paring knife and direct me to go to the garden and get a few onions - which we ate on the side of just about everything!

                                            also 'get me a jar of green beans out of the cellar' - the cellar was beneath the smokehouse, and the smokehouse generally had wasps buzzing around in it, and I would be petrified. as in turned to stone! inching so very slowly toward the cellar door-hole, thinking the wasps wouldn't notice me that way, shivering when they buzzed near me. ARGH! Home-canned green beans were good, but oh, the trauma!

                                            also milking the cow and sneaking a squirt or two directly from producer to consumer - warm, whole, and unpasteurized.

                                            not that I was a farm kid or anything.

                                            1. Cokes and Mars Bars from Grandma's fridge while we listened to the Indy 500 on the radio.

                                              Chef Boy-Ar-Dee spaghetti, with the can of sauce (either meat or mushroom, so we'd get TWO packages and Mom would mix them and add a bay leaf) and the can of grated cheese. And just so we don't forget, in the Midwest "al dente" is considered an Italian phrase meaning "noodles ain't done yet".

                                              Another meal-in-a-kit: Chung King Chop Suey! Yum!

                                              Blue-box Kraft Dinner mac'n'cheese.

                                              Grandma Kuntz's oatmeal date squares. I called up my buddy Mark one day - he lived a block and a half away - to tell him Grandma was taking some of these out of the oven. When I hung up the phone and turned around, his bike was skidding across the lawn!

                                              On the road with Grandpa Kuntz - he knew every decent truck stop in three states, and loved a good flat-grilled T-bone.

                                              Braised rabbit and squirrel in hunting season. Illinois squirrels are sometimes bigger than the rabbits, and maybe even tastier.

                                              Church-basement potluck dinners! Yes!!

                                              Occasional bought treats: Fruitcake slices, 15¢, pecan pies the same. A nickel's worth of gumdrops, butter mints or Maple Nut Goodies from the dime store. Locally-made ice cream, 5¢ per dip, dish or cone. Shakes were 20¢, malts a nickel more, and you always got a good two glasses full.

                                              Best part of all: eating like I really had that hollow leg they all accused me of, and never getting an inch beyond skinny! Oh, lord, had I but known that wouldn't last...

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                                              1. re: Will Owen

                                                My grandmother (Nanny) made those date bars, too. I remember one holiday she had made a pan of them and they were out on Uncle Al's formal dining room table with the rest of the pies and cookies. The boys were outside playing basketball when they happened to glance in the dining room window and spotted Sheba, our Doberman, up on top of the table, raiding the date bars. We hadn't even cut them yet and she ate her way across the whole pan, so no one else got to enjoy them but the dog!

                                                The waffle iron going off on Sunday morning (it had a loud buzzer) and Duchess barking her head off because it sounded like the doorbell. Lots of barking by the time everyone had a waffle.

                                                SOS at Uncle Al's (that was THE place for Sunday family breakfast).

                                                Nanny's oatmeal cookies with M&Ms. I always say she was a pioneer--I didn't know any other grandmother who put M&Ms in cookies. I still make them to this day whenever I need a comfort fix.

                                                Nanny's crisps--especially apple and rhubarb.

                                                My childhood favorite birthday dinner--Mom's stuffed shells with sauce (all homemade, of course). Special birthday cakes filled with peaches, strawberries and whipped cream from Livecchi's in Hartford, CT.

                                                Here is a real blast from the past from the 70s...does anyone remember Birds Eye Pennsylvania Dutch vegetables? I think it was green beans and carrots with a seasoned breadcrumb topping. I made it myself one night when I was little with either hamburgers or meatloaf and I remember Aunt Pegi complimenting me on having all the dinner components ready at the same time. :)

                                                Going out with Aunt Peg and her kids (I couldn't have even been a teenager at the time) to L'Americain in Hartford and having steak tartare for the first time. Wow!

                                                Making fried dough balls (pizza fritte) with extra pizza dough from my uncle's restaurant and shaking 'em up in a bag of sugar.

                                                A turkey bacon sandwich on my uncle's homemade bread. Just that bread alone, fresh out of the oven with butter melting over the top...it was SO EXCELLENT.

                                                Mom's apple pie with the ceramic blackbird baked in the middle!

                                                Always loving my mom's homemade sauce the best until the day I discovered my best friend's dad's sauce and came home to tell my mom I thought Mr. Roberts' sauce was even better. ;) I still wish I had his recipe!

                                                The way my mom would chant, "Oo ma moochie, gamma gamma goochie," when she scrambled eggs.

                                                One of my mom's favorite expressions when I had to try something new (that I didn't think I would like), "Well, don't like it TOO much!" (In other words, that would leave less for her).

                                                Having Nanny's potato salad for the first time (still warm) and having it the next day, asking my mom, "Aren't you going to heat it up?"

                                                That I preferred making cookies over my mom's friend's house (Peggy) because my mom always scraped the bowl so clean, there was very little dough left for me to eat raw...Peg always left at least a cookie's worth of raw dough. I still remember this fondly about her!

                                                Too many childhood memories of fun and food--all wonderful!