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Oct 2, 2006 06:02 PM

Daly City - Cybelle's Pizza – $8 Brazilian dinners – Picana na chupa (cowboy steak)

In addition to the regular pizza menu, Cybelle’s (near In-n-Out) serves full Brazilian dinners that vary by day of the week.

This is a major meal for $8 which the menu says is “servido com arroz, feijao, farofa, banana frite e malonese ... or served with rice, beans, fried banana, yucca flour on bacon and vegetable salad.

There is a special whiteboard with about three dishes daily. The take-out menu has a list of three daily dishes, but they said they try to stick to that schedule, but not really.

The picana na chupam turned out to be a thick steak piled high with grilled onions and wasn’t on the printed menu. The peixe milanesa (Milanese fish ... probably fried) was listed as a weekend item, but was on the menu the week day I visited.

Obviously with an $8 steak, we’re not talking Acme Chop House quality. However it was a generous steak and a very homey preparation, like something you’d buy at a supermarket and fry up yourself. The steak was scored. Here’s a little info about this steak ... but mine was served cooked.

This came with a large bowl of good soupy red beans that had the touch of bacon.

A THIRD overflowing ... overflowing ... large plate had lots of white rice, canned corn a little green salad, nice house-made potato salad and great farofa.

The farofa, or yucca flour, had a great bacon, nutty taste to it. The potato salad was good too with peas, green beans and other unidentified things in it. They didn’t have the bananas on my visit.

They had bottles of those tiny peppers I’ve been wondering about.

I asked how they were used and told on everything. Then they asked if I wanted to try some. Well, yes please. Very good, I have something new to add to my diet. The tiny, almost caper-sized peppers had a nice heat.

On Saturday, of course they have feijoda. This version is described as black bean stew with smoked meats and sausage. There were dishes that had some basic translation ... beef ribs, pork meat, pork ribs with yucca, stewed beef, pork with red sauce, etc. Lots of Milanese dishes and estroganoff.

Friday seemed like an interesting day with rabada de vaca (oxtails) and frango ao molho (boned chicken cooked in tumeric sauce). Again, no promises that they actually serve that on Friday. They did say all the milanesa dishes were availavble every day.

I didn’t get the flan but it really, really looked good.

There’s a big screen TV playing Brazilian cable. Lots of Brazilian people were in there on my visit.

I’d agree with this website about the pizza, it is doughy which seems to be a Brazilian preference. And since I know jatbar reads & posts on Chowhound ... the answer to what happened to the pizza there ... Brazilians bought the place.

Good pictures of Cybelle's in the link. They did upgrade the TV.

Oddly enough they don’t have any crazy Brazilian pizza combos on the menu. Corn is available as an ingredient, but not listed in any of the special combo pizzas. The wildest thing is “chicken on the green” ... pesto, roasted red peppers, onions & chicken. The Italian/American menu is pretty straight forward ... sandwiches, burgers, lasagna, chicken in various preps, etc.

A few bottled Brazilian juices and sodas are available.

This isn’t amazing food, but it is good, filling and homey. While Mr. Pizza Man in Richmond still holds the title for best Brazilian food, Cybelle’s beats what you are going to get at Marie Calendars or the other chain restaurants in the nearby malls ... both in price and taste. Two people could have easily shared this.

Next to check out in the area for Brazilian food – Manor Room Pizza in Pacifica (442 Manor Plaza


Cybelle's Pizza
2985 Junipero Serra Blvd, Daly City, 94014
(650) 755-6070

Daily: 11am – 7pm
Free delivery with a minimum $9 order to Daly City, South San Francisco, San Bruno, Pacifica and parts of San Francisco.

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  1. nice sleuthing rw. thanks.

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    1. re: echo

      It may turn out that Manor Room in Pacifica is the better deal. I was buying some of those little pickled peppers, officially called pimenta, and mentioned to the owner of the market I ate at a Brazilian place in Daly City. His said "oh, Manor pizza is very good". When I said it was Cybelle's he said he liked them too but he was more enthusiastic about Manor pizza.

    2. Strange, this outpost doesn't appear to be listed on the web site. Perhaps it's a breakaway franchise??

      Mr. Pizza Man
      353 24th St
      Richmond, CA 94804

      What in the way of Brazilian food is good there?

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      1. re: Jefferson

        Yep. Independantly owned since 1990. Here's a report.

        They just have one Brazilian meal a day. However, the flavors are a little more intense than Cybelle's, especially the beans.

        There are trade-offs. I have never had farofa at Mr. Pizza Man. That potato salad was pretty darn good at Cybelle's too.

        Cybelle's doesn't offer an x-tudo, but I'd bet they would make one if you asked. Cybelle's has a larger menu obviously, rather than just one dish a day. However, that dish is tastier at Mr. Pizza Man.

        Mr. Pizza Man is worth watching since it has a new owner.

        None of the Brazilian joints I've been to so far are destination-worthy, but good choices if in the neighborhood. I don't know though, the fruit drinks at Sabor Brazil are pretty destination worthy.

      2. Thanks for the tip. I'm heading to DC this weekend to spend with the parentals, and this is a GREAT find! Now if only I can decide between Manor and Cybelle's . . . .both are fairly close to the house. I must be the last to hear about Brazilian food in a pizza place :( My only experience has been down in so cal.