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Oct 2, 2006 06:02 PM

3 yr (dating) anniversary dinner ideas?

Looking for a special occasion restaurant; top-notch service and either really delicious or really interesting (but still good) food; HOWEVER, we would both prefer a comfortable (i.e., not stuffy) atmosphere w/ diverse patronage. A place w/ a fabulous tasting menu (pref <100pp) would also be nice... downtown location preferred but not necessary.

Last yr's dinner, which was fabulous, was at wd-50.

thanks in advance for any advice!

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  1. I would recommend Cru...Good Food, Great Wine, and not stuffy

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    1. re: ChrisZ

      cru looks like a good possibility and i've heard great things abt shea gallante. will try here, perhaps...

    2. What about Blue Hill? Fits the bill, and if you tell them it's for your anniversary, they're sure to give you a little extra attention.

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      1. re: ronzen

        i've been to blue hill before so i'd rather go somewhere new; one of my first choices was blue hill at stone barns but apparently u need to book 2 mo's in advance.. :(

      2. It's not downtown but Telepan fits the other requirements

        1. I have a little question too.
          What's the noise level at Cru and Telepan?

          1. Eleven Madison Park is a wonderful place to celebrate a special occasion. The tasting menus are beyond your indicated budget; however, do the 3-course prix-fixe ($76) and order Chef Humm's sensational duck for two. You won't be sorry! Perfect service, a gorgeous space, and relaxed ambiance.