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Oct 2, 2006 05:51 PM

anti dairy restaurant

I have been given the task of finding this san francisco restaurant. Here is what i know:
~ It has a business card with wedge of cheese and a line through it.
~ It might be chinese (non-dairy and chinese seems redundant to me, but what do I know)
~ It may be in the marina or near by.
Thoughts? If y'all can't help me no-one can...

Barring this discovery, reccomendations for a birthday dinner for a pescetarian (sp?), dairy-free eater in the city would be appreciated. Considering aziza or one of sf's nicer vietnamese restaunts.
Thanks bundles!

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  1. Could anti-dairy be vegan? If so, the fish might be sparse...

    (I've never seen that design, but you could try a Google Images search...)

    1. Could it be Alive! which is a raw vegan restaurant? It is dairy-free, animal-free, wheat-free and gluten-free, it's in the Marina though I haven't seen their business cards.

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      1. re: AmySherman

        Their logo is a plant with heart-shaped leaves.

        A slashed circle over a piece of cheese suggests dairy-free, not vegan.

      2. Thanks for your thoughts. He really didn't give me enough to go on, so the mystery may never be solved. On the upside I made a res for tonight at Kiss. I think the omasake will be a nice b-day treat. Anyone have strong opinions about the $42 vs $60 menu? Can we do one of each?

        1. I think you are looking for Betelnut on Union Street. I think it says "Cheese Free Zone" next to the front door and might have the cheese with a line through it. Here is their website.

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          1. re: debby

            That's what I was going to say - it's prob. Betelnut.