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Oct 2, 2006 05:48 PM

tastings at BIERKRAFT

hey, anyone out there been to one of the weekly tuesday night beer and cheese tastings at bierkraft on 5th and Union street in PSlope? i love the store for both their beer and cheese and salumi, but havent had the timing right to get into one of their tastings. love to hear bout one. thanks.

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  1. I've been to a few. They are great. Worth going to.

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    1. re: gfood

      Are they actually nice to the customers? I have had so much rude dismissive treatment there, that I always promise myself I won't reward them by returning. But the cheeses are so good (if overpriced) and its right on my traffic pattern so repeatedly break my vow...

    2. The tastings are brief and informative, if not a way to get you into the shop. But Richard and Daphne are deeply knowledgeable and do a wonderful job with pairing cheese and beer, along with the great condinments that they sell. Coming from a former Sommelier, they are on point with these lectures.
      Not to be missed if you love atisinal cheese and great brews!!
      Viva Biercraft!

      1. wow, youve had dismissive treatment there? surprises me - ive always been met with extremely friendly and helpful people there.

        another Q: how do any of you beerpeople feel about AMERICAN on Court Street? compared to bierkraft etc.

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          Yes. They don't seem to like it if you ask (or rather, if I ask) how much something costs. Also, they don't like kids—even if they're mute and don't touch anything. Good cheese, though.

        2. I enjoyed the tasting, though they really just give you enough to wet the palate. Don't expect to leave with a buzz. The guys who hosted the one I went to were really informative and the brews were good.