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Oct 2, 2006 05:28 PM

Las Delicias - Newhall

I know that I have posted on this place before, but I have to add to it. Last night I stopped by the Lyons Ave. location. Outside they had a grill selling Al Pastor Tacos WITH THE PINEAPPLE ON TOP OF THE SPIT. I have searched for this in the past and recall others asking for it as well.
I ordered a small Cocido de Res inside and 2 Al Pastor Tacos outside. Soup was $3.99 and came in a large bowl. FANTASTIC!! So delicious!! Stock piled with chunks of beef, potatoes, green beans and Carrots. Out of this world!! Was served with delicious, hot homemade(?) tortillas, lime, onions and cilantro. Did I mention it was good??!! Afterwards, I ordered the large size $5.99 to go.
The Al Pastor was really good, too. $1/each. Huge lines outside waiting for the tacos. All of the tables filled to the brim! However, the guy on the outside spit was not chopping off the bits of pineapple and adding it to the tacos, but the guy working on the inside (inside the restaurant's kitchen) was. They have a great salsa bar and several seafood options in addition to the usual suspects.
Go, go, GO!!!

Las Delicias
Of course I cannot locate anything with the address - but it is on Lyons west of Newhall on the south side (in the same shopping center as the new Pho restaurant)

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  1. Hi, where are the other branches of this place? Is this one in the town of Newhall?

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      there's one on Sierra HWY in Canyon Country. We walked in expecting a sit-down mexican but it was more of a fast food style (at this location) so we ended up going somewhere else. Nevertheless we will come back here when our mood is up for mexican fast food.

      1. I've eaten there, good stuff!