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Oct 2, 2006 05:26 PM

Tonkotsu ramen on the westside?

I know ramen-ya doesn't have it because I looked last week. Is there anywhere else on the westside that serves it? Thanks!

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  1. Hakata Ramen from the Shin Sen Gumi chain.
    Various locations in the Gardena, Fountain Valley, and Rosemead.

    I like it. Customizeable bowls with thin straight noodles and lovely tiny gyoza, but a little pricier than most ramen places if you decide to go all out with toppings.

    1. chabuya has a shoyu-tonkotsu based broth. quality is spotty though. order the "karakara" for a little bit of spicy and a fuller flavor.

      1. Kanpai on Lincoln blvd. in Westchester has a very good shoyu tonkotsu ramen; very rich and yummy. They don't let you take your leftovers home, guess is that they don't have to-go containers for soup. Luckily, I never have leftovers.

        Do also try their grilled mackerel lunch.

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        1. re: Michelly

          i just looked at their website, and i didn't see a grilled mackerel lunch.
          saw a mackerel battera lunch.
          is that it?
          would you mind telling us about it?

          1. re: westsidegal

            In addition to their regular menu, they will give you a menu of the day. I'm surprised to find the grilled mackerel not on the regular menu; we live closeby and have it often. It's just that: a grilled mackerel, complete with head & tail, soup AND salad, with a side of rice for about $10-11....very tasty AND healthy.
            Maybe their website menu is old....?
            The battera is sushi: chunks of mackerel (saba) on top of rice, all molded into cube form.

            Another plus of Kanpai is that if you order a lunch...say, the grilled salmon collar or mackerel, for another $5 you can choose between several bowls, each consisting of something (tonkotsu pork, negi toro, a pile of ikura) on top of rice. If we don't get the shoyu tonkotsu ramen, then we have the grilled mackerel and a bowl of tonkotsu.

            1. re: Michelly

              thanks so much.
              i'll give them a try soon.