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Prix fixe wine pairing dinner in LA?


I'm going to LA for my birthday first weekend in Nov. and am seeing a restaurant, preferably french or italian with a prix fixe wine pairing meal.

Any suggestions? Thanks!

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  1. Everyone has been raving about OPUS. www.opusrestaurant.net

    1. Yes, definitely check out Opus. Check out this thread for more info: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/show/...

      1. third OPUS. the sommelier is creative, knows his wine, and is down to earth.

              1. I'd recommend Onotria in Costa Mesa (not quite LA, I know). Massimo Navarette is an amazing chef, and his new restaurant, though in a strange place, is a great place to try Italian wines along with innovative cuisine. Most menu items have wine tasting recommendations.

                Massimo also has special wine tasting dinners often with aged vino.


                Good luck!

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                  I called ONOTRIA last week to bring my Fri Wine Group(8people) in for lunch. I was informed that there would be a 25- per bottle Corkage Charge. They refused to waive any corkage so my Group went somewhere else and enjoyed a Corkage FREE lunch that was Wonderful. Because of Onotria's OUTRAGIOUS Corkage , We will not be setting foot inside the Restaurant, no matter how good they think their food is? OC has several high-end corkage friendly (or free) Restaurants.

                  1. re: russkar

                    Hey Russkar,

                    Sorry to hear that Onotria didn't work out for you. But to be fair, this isn't a place that one would expect to be 'free' of corkage fees. They specialize in offering a diverse wine list. Perhaps their business model is based on folks buying their wine? As you state, there are many 'high end' places that offer corkage friendly prices. At the same time, there are many that do not. I think you'd agree that this board is about places that offer great food and/or interesting dining experiences. After frequenting Onotria, I can certainly vouch for both.

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                      M of S,
                      Out of fairness we tried it late Oct for lunch and while the food was decent it certainly wasn't LA quality(Angelini, La Terza, Vicenti, Valentino).
                      The Wine list is nothing special, some decent Names but "OFF" vintages(not good years), plus very high markups.
                      We won't be returning.
                      As far as Onotria's Corkage Charges , they are outrageous (25-)per bottle in OC is very high and will alienate many potential customers(Wine Collectors).

                2. Wow...i guess Opus is the hot deal! It looks kind of Japanese cuisine emphasis? Not sure we're looking for that type of cuisine. Or was it just the reviews I read?

                  Thanks for taking the time to respond!

                  1. no, not japanese, but i guess you can call it something of a fusion, or asian influenced... but it transcends it.

                    1. i wouldn't even call it asian-influenced. it's just eclectic.

                      1. I didn't go far enough in my searching..wow this menu is HOT. This is a for sure..thanks guys. :) See you in November Opus!

                        1. How much is the pairing dinner at Opus? How many courses does it consist of?

                          1. tasting menu and wine pairing priced separately.

                            tasting menu = 3 for $30, 6 for $60 and so on. great deal.

                            wine pairing prices to market. last time it was about $28. very fairly priced.

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                              i assume the wine pairing price is also tied to the number of courses? for example a wine paring with a 3 course meal would be less expensive than lets say a pairing with an 8 course?

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                                i've only had the pairing once and have brought or ordered wine other times. when i had it with the 6 course it was $28. one could assume, but i don't know for sure.

                            2. I am partial to Joe's (Abbot Kinney in Venice)

                              > 5 to 7 Course Tasting Menu ($45 to $55)
                              > Wine Pairing ($25 to $35).... they do 1/4 & 1/2 GLASSES

                              For something a little different try Inn of the 7th Ray (Topanga Canyon)

                              > Tasting Menu & Wine Pairing.... about $100

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                              1. re: Eat_Nopal

                                It's not fair to compare JOE'S to OPUS. Totally different.
                                3 courses for 30- is more food than Joe's 6-7 course TM. Opus is about half price and very "cutting edge".
                                Joe's is more traditional and not the same bargain.

                                1. re: russkar

                                  I have never eaten at Opus so I don't have a sense of the comparison... but in my experience... for my particular taste buds & culinary philosophy... Joe's is the finest restaurant in L.A.

                                  In terms of Joe's value... just consider that on one occassion the 7 courses included a 3 ounce filet of Loup d'Mer course & another course with 3 ounces of Kobe Beef.... just the Kobe Beef alone would have gone for $30 at a nice Japanese restaurant.

                                  Finally... what I like about the 7 small courses is that it allows you to truly explore a theme (albeit not as well as the Chinese 12-course meal tradition or Moctezuma's legendary 1,000 course tastings)... without feeling like a bloated pig for slaughter at the end.

                                  Maybe Joe's doesn't serve Bird Nest Soup Gelatine paired with Rocky Mountain Oyster foam as today's cutting edge restaurants do... but I really like where Joe's stayed... I think they have settled on a classic version of contemporary California cuisine.

                                  After all any place that has Tasting Menus involving Ceviches, Curries, Moles can't be that antiquated or traditional... right?

                              2. THANK YOU to everyone here who recommended Opus. We went there last night and had the six course tasting (which ended up being 9 courses total) and I think it was the best dining out experience I have EVER HAD!!! We sat in these huge leather arm chairs (they were like thrones) and our service was amazing from the minute we walked in, we met the chef you hand delivered many of the courses, and the food..the FOOD. We also did the wine pairing and had french champagne, the best Pinot Noir I've ever tasted and french chardonnay. I took photos (I know corny) of almost every course and will post them later when I get back home. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! I told them I found them through Chowhound! Thanks again!

                                1. Valentino if you want Italian; Providence if you want French-inspired and seafood-based.
                                  www.valentinorestaurant.com ; www.providencelacom. Both have fantastic people in the kitchen and out on the floor to pair the proper wines. Enjoy!