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Oct 2, 2006 04:46 PM

Moving in Dinner

My best friends are moving into my neighborhood and I want to drop dinner off for their first night. I can't think of anything easy to reheat that doesn't require much effort except chili and lasagna, neither of which I feel like making.

Any suggestions.

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  1. Years ago when my first husband and I bought out first home, the neighbors sent over beef stew and crusty bread. It was perfect. Easy to heat, easy to eat and very comforting.

    1. yes, i was going to suggest something autumnal...maybe a braised dish. or a hearty soup?

      1. WHy not a nice roast chicken with roasted potatoes. Always a crowd pleaser

        1. Butternut squash soup with a fresh loaf of bread perhaps?

          1. Everytime I move (I do so often) I'm HUNGRY at the end of the day. Famished. Starving. So my votes are for good stick to your ribs kind of meals...
            Shepard's Pie? Beef Bourginion (sp)? Fried Chicken (sooo good cold) and some sides (coleslaw, corn, etc)
            Now I'm hungry.

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              I've made Shepard's pie for people moving. It's easy and it tastes good as leftover, too. Or, a chicken pot pie, using cornbread as crust.