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Oct 2, 2006 04:25 PM

Gilt - NYC..........

I had dinner at Le Cirque 2000 several times and enjoyed it. Can anyone offer advice for Gilt. I would like to dine there in December on my wife's birthday. Thanks.

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  1. It opened with innovative chef Paul Liebrandt who didn't last long. New chef just came in - maybe a month ago - Jimmy ?? from Striped Bass in Philly. Under the new chef it hasn't been reviewed by the major critics or by this board that I know of

    It has absolutely nothing to do with Le Cirque, so to say you liked one wouldn't bear on how you'll like Gilt.

    1. I think it's in the same room isn't it. I always like the Palace Hotel. My wife and I found her engagement ring in a jewelry store there. Can you recommend anything striking for dinner/lunch in December Chow Gal.........right now we are looking at Union Square Cafe, Il Mulino, Daniel, Aureole, Cafe Boulud and The Water Club.

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        Well, I guess LITERALLY it's the same room. As in, it is located within the walls of the Palace Hotel. But it was re-decorated to match the theme of the new restaurant. It is not designed in Le Cirque's circus theme.

        If you are looking for the same style place - luxurious room, opulence, Danube does feel that way. Old world charm. I think you'd like Aureole too. Or Daniel (even more so than Cafe Boulud). You might also consider Arabelle in the Plaza Athenee Hotel.

      2. Strike the Water Club - it has a view, but the food is basically catering for office parties. If you are looking for something with a similar feel to that dining room at The Palace Hotel, consider Danube, Bouley's "other" restaurant.

        1. Definitely try Aureole: lovely room (though not ornate as Gilt), wonderful service (not stuffy) and delicious food (I was just there this past Friday, so I can personally vouch for it).

          1. With the new chef at Gilt has come a new pastry chef who may be worth his weight in gold... young and creative - he has worked at some of the best restuarants in the city.
            I did not eat dinner there but would recommend even just having the dessert menu at the bar which I did. This is a fun space in the conservatory with an oval open bar and the cocktails are worth trying. If you have an adventurous palette and love the interplay of textures and flavors, you will be delighted by the sweet dishes.