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Oct 2, 2006 03:54 PM

Wine Suggestions for Beer Drinkers?

Got to talking the other day & decided it would be handy to build a list of wines that would be good to offer to beer drinkers as an intro to wine. Suggestions?

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  1. Totally depends on what kind of beer drinkers you are talking about. Bud Light? Guinness? Belgians? IPAs?

    1. Kenito makes a good point. But my first thought is that beer drinkers are less likely to be used to looking for the subtleties in their drink (I guess especially if they're in the Bud Light).

      Go for something a bit large. Try Chateauneuf-du-Pape on them.

      But really, if you're trying to make an impression on them and show them what wine's about, you have to do it with food. Do a tasting with a bunch of foods/wines. For example:

      An oyster on the half shell with a glass of stony, mineral Chablis. Louis Michel, Roland Lavantureux, or Billaud-Simon in a recent vintage.

      A spicy Asian scallop - five spice powder - with an Alsatian Gewurztraminer. Weinbach, or cheaper with Hunold, Ruhlmann, Sparr, Trimbach or Mittnacht-Klack.

      Roast pork with a glass of a somewhat sweet riesling. Lots of choices, Qba or Kabinett from Dr. Fischer, von Kesselstatt, von Schubert, Haag, Thanisch, Richter, Selbach, Prum, etc.

      Meat balls in tomato sauce with Chianti. Many choices. Try a Rufina from Selvapiana, or Chianti Classico from Banfi, Castello di Rampolla, Badia a Coltibuono, Felsina, Melini, etc., etc.

      you get the idea.

      1. I would not assume that a beer drinker is less likely to be used to looking for subtleties. I work in an atmosphere where my coworkers and I are given an opportunity to taste wines and beers on a weekly basis. When we taste beer, we are as serious about it as when we taste wine. If you've ever been a round beer snobs then you know that tasting beer is almost exactly like tasting wine. The subleties are discussed at length with great care and interest. That is of course, unless we are indeed talking about people stick consistantly to Bud Light.

        That being said, I would agree that you may want to find out what kind of beer drinker you are dealing with. What sort of flavor and texture profiles they appreciate most.

        Just an idea; you may want to consider sparkling wine or champagne? Beer drinkers are used to bubbles. (And in that case, you may want to try having some soft, runny, brie type cheese.)

        1. I'd say nothing sweet (skip most German Rieslings) and nothing which has seen a lot of oak (skip most California Chardonnays).

          Sparkling wine is a good idea (again, watch out for anything with too much residual sugar)

          Dry Rieslings.

          Gruner Veltliner from Austria. Oh! And a Neuburger (that's the name of the grape) could be perfect- it has a note of nuttiness that should really appeal.

          1. Thank you all for the ideas. The discussion was how do you get your average beer drinker to appreciate a good wine more fully. Your points of what type of beer they ordinarily drink are well taken & I agree, would influence the starting point!