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Oct 2, 2006 03:40 PM

Elmo Birthday Cake

Does anyone have any suggestions for where I can get some type of cake with Elmo on it for my daughter's birthday party? I can't believe that it has been so difficult to find. Ruthy's Bakery in Chelsea Market does one, but it's about $250. Not really looking to spend that much if I don't have to. They also do a photo cake, but I don't really like those.

I also called Two Little Red Hens and they do a flat cake with Elmo and it is more in line with what I'd like to spend (around $130 for a cake that feeds 35-40).

Any other suggestions would be welcome! Thanks!

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  1. If you have an Acme (Albertsons) market near you, try there. They usually have all types of character cakes. I a really cool Spongebob, made with a frisbee, for my daughter last year. The cakes taste good.

      1. How about Carvel? Haven't been in a while but I remember as a kid they had a book with lots of different characters that they would put on a cake.

        1. Thanks for the suggestions. Don't have an Acme/Albertson's in Manhattan, but I did check out Food Emporium. My guess is that the supermarkets (and Baskin Robbins too) don't have any Sesame Street cakes due to a licensing thing. Carvel will do a photo cake with Elmo, but I hate those photo cakes.

          I will most likely go with Tribeca Treats since they do great work (I've seen their cakes at other parties) and the prices are reasonable.

          1. I'm surprised you can't get one at your local grocery store. The Wilton website has a few pans -- I bought the Elmo face one and it was very easy to do. Rather than piping all of the red fur as stars, just spread the frosting on and then lift the spatula into small peaks all over. It looked great!

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              I ordered my baby's birthday cake from Tribeca Treats based on these posts. I got the vanilla cake/vanilla frosting. It was delicious. But the best part was I messengered a copy of the invitation and they matched the color, pattern, and even they type face in icing. It was great and not a million dollars

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                Glad you liked it. I recommend them somewhat often on this board. The owner, Rachel, is very nice.