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Thoughts on Palm Springs? [moved from L.A. board]

I know not really close to LA, but any can't miss restaurants in Palm Springs for dinner? Anywhere from a step above counter service to high end. Would prefer if it wasn't a chain but beyond that would love any suggestions. Thanks.

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  1. I live there 6 months of the year, so will do my best.
    Best Brunch-Norma's @ Parker Hotel
    Best Sushi- Kiyosaku, on Palm Canyon
    Best values, great pours-John Henry's and Davy's
    Best French-Chez Pierre-Palm Desert
    One of my favorites-Zin-Palm Springs
    Good "fall into" Italian-Bella Cucina, Palm Desert-great Chicken Gorgonzola, not on menu
    Best of most expensive, must eat outdoors on lovely patio-Le Vallauris and Wally's Desert Turtle for best Dover Sole in southlnd.
    One of most popular Italian-Mama Gina's
    Hope that gets you started.
    Have lots more where that come from.

    1. LG'S Prime Steakhouse in Palm Desert (the original location). Highly recommend their dry-aged "jewel of the crown" cuts. Best steakhouse on the West Coast.

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        Yep, this is my favorite steak place in all of So. Cal. http://www.lgsprimesteakhouse.com/

        There is also a great breakfast place in Cathedral City called Don & Sweet Sue's that we always hit on our way out of town.

        68955 Ramon Rd, Cathedral City, CA 92234-3370
        Tel: (760) 770-2760

      2. We went to El Mirasol the last time I was in Palm Springs a few months ago and really enjoyed it. Their menu was not just your standard enchiladas, tacos etc (although they did have this), and instead included some specialites like chicarrones and mole.

        El Mirasol
        140 E Palm Canyon Dr
        (760) 323-0721

        1. For a high-end experience you won't soon forget, head down to Rancho Mirage to Wally's Desert Turtle. It's really expensive, and a wee bit over the top, but the food is great and the service is impeccable.

          Also - in Palm Springs, head to Melvyns for an experience right out of the 1970's. The food isn't the best, but it's a lot of fun, and the drinks are great.

          1. right across the street from Kiyosaku-El Mirasol, not Wally's

            1. I enjoyed JOhanna's on my last visit.

              I have HEARD good things about Mr. Parker's, also.

              1. Don't miss Zin, great food and wine list.
                Avoid Wally's and Melvyn's, it's bas 70's food.
                Blend and Johannes are the best high end restaurants in the desert.

                1. We have been here 4 years now and in no particular order our favorites are:
                  1. Wally's Desert Turtle
                  2. Manhattan in the Desert (Great Deli Food)
                  3. Thai Smile Rancho Mirage (also in La Quinta and PS)
                  4. Johanne's
                  5. Angelino's Pizza (new hole in the wall behind McDonald's in Palm Desert)...great NY style Pizza.
                  6. Armando's Dakota Bar and Grill on El Paseo in PD...it's where all the locals go for Mexican food.
                  7. Cafe Des Beaux-Arts on El Paseo
                  8. Sullivan's Steakhouse on El Paseo (chain)
                  9. Sammy's on El Paseo (chain)
                  Out of this list which is pretty diverse, if I had to pick one don't miss restaurant for a trip to the Desert, it would be Manhattan in the Desert $$! I am a NY'er and this is as good a deli as there is anywhere...When my friend RUSSKAR who posts all the time on this board, comes for down to visit, this is always at the top of his list as well.
                  Enjoy your stay...

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                    I agree about Thai Smile, but have only been to the one in PS. I was first introduced to Thai Smile over 10 years ago and try to eat there whenever I visit PS. Unfortunately I don't make it out to PS very often & miss their Yellow Curry.

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                      We were at Thai Smile (Rancho Mirage) tonite for dinner. Had the Yellow Chicken Curry and Panko coated Deviled Scallops...Fabulous!

                  2. As far as ‘can’t miss’ in Palm Springs for dinner you have to go to Zin. They have the best fried chicken and the specials are always interesting - from rabbit to venison the last time I was there. For a more expensive but good dinner I agree with several others-Johannes’s is one of my favorites and Le Vallauris is good. Philippe’s is good for lunch but overpriced for dinner. I have heard good things about Blend in Palm Desert but haven't been there. Manhattan is not that big of a deal IMO. I like Sherman’s Deli better – smaller, family owned.