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Oct 2, 2006 03:32 PM

One night in Poughkeepsie/Rhinebeck

May be coming to Vassar for one night this week, am considering one meal, would you suggest the Italian Restuaruant at the CIA or the Petit Bistro in Rhinebeck...other suggestions are also welcomed.

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  1. I think this goes on the Tristate board until such time as New York City annexes those northern suburbs. Oh... just saw you put it there. You could impress that Vassar girl by taking her by train to eat in New York City.

    1. Speaking as a Vassargrrrl (OK, it was a while ago), any restaurant at the CIA is usually a great meal...and it is fairly close to campus.

      1. The CIA restaurants are usually booked months in advance. If you luck up, you may be able to pick up a table from a cancellation. My daughter is a student at CIA, and we've been unable to try the best three restaurants there when we tried reserving only three weeks in advance! We've made reservations instead at a Poughkeepsie restaurant called The Locust Tree, which was recommended (

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          the locust tree is in new paltz, not poughkeepsie.

        2. Teripin in Rhinebeck has always been good.

          1. This is going to be moved, but as a native son of Poughkeepsie (Wappingers Falls.. REPRESENT!) and as someone who worked in many of the areas restaurants and considered a stint at the CIA, I can add my two cents:

            Number 1: DO NOT eat at Escoffier Room at CIA. It is a staid, boring French menu from three decades ago. Unimaginative beef, lamb and chicken. Well executed but passe in a culinary sense.

            Number 2: DO eat at the American Bounty at CIA. Everything the Escoffier Room is not, with a passionate focus on the seasonal abundance of the Hudson Valley.

            Number 3: The Beechwood Grill next to Vassar College is a solid bistro with quality American fare. Worth a brunch or dinner visit.

            Number 4: The Applewood Bar And Grill in Highland off 9W is worth the trip across the river. Run by a CIA grad and staffed with many others, this is continental american cuisine done very well, and a great wine cellar

            Number 5: A trip to the Beekman Arms in Rhinebeck if you have money to blow will definitely be memorable. I'm not sure if the restaurant still maintains the reputation it used to have as one of the best in the Hudson Valley, but back in my day it was one of the pinnacles. Check them on the web.

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              #4 - I think you mean the Would Bar and Grill in Highland.

              1. re: Leslie

                Indeed, you are correct. God, and I used to work there! Claire would not be pleased.