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Oct 2, 2006 02:59 PM

An unforgettable meal for 15 people

I am looking for a place where 15 people can go and have an amazing dinner. Price isn't an issue for this, but my friend who is paying wants someplace where we can have a great dinner, all wear jeans, be sort of rowdy and have a lot of drinks. It is a big celebration and we want something really memorable. A private dining room would be great, but not required. Suggestions?

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  1. How about Bob Chinn's Crabhouse, in nearby Wheeling? There you can get as rowdy as you wish on their great MaiTai's (I also like their passion-fruit and vodka drink - forget what it's called), wear jeans (the atmosphere is big-barn casual), and have a unique dining experience. I'd recommend sticking to crab - of which they often have anywhere from five to eight different varieties available (their cooked dishes are mostly forgettable, and stay away from anything listed as "Bob's Style") - sometimes they have a crustacean called a yabbie, from Australia, or Giant White crab, or Kona crab - in short, nowhere else do you get the quality and selection of crab that they provide. The peel and eat shrimp are also good.

    1. Fogo de Chao! Fun atmosphere and unique cuisine (brazilian). And you can't go wrong with all you can eat meat!

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        We have a few vegetarians in the bunch, though. Keep the suggestions coming!

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          Fogo de Chao has a fantastic salad buffet - check it our on their website, where they have a photo of the salad bar spread.

          This is a place that would please everyone in the crowd. Vegetarians can opt for just the salad bar (at lower cost, too). Though a white-tablecloth place, I don't think jeans would be out of place, and they make a mean caprihana, too

      2. I second the Chins sugestion.

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          I would like to stay in the city. We are all city dwellers and many of us don't have cars.

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            Check out Le Colonial. Their food is interesting, dependable, they have facilities for private parties, and considering where they are (900 N. Rush), they can probably handle the "rowdy" with aplomb, too. Website:

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              great suggestions. Looked wonderful, but they don't hae room that night.

        2. How about Carnivale? Or Greektown?

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            Carnivale is a great idea! That's right in line with what I was thinking. Adding that to my list of places to check into.

          2. OK, I have done a bit of research and have a few places in mind...wanted to get feedback or additional thoughts: Blackbird, Frontera's dining room, Carnivale, Opera, Bistro Margot....thoughts? additions?

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              You originally said you wanted to wear jeans and get rowdy - I guess you could do that at Blackbird, if you reserve their 2nd floor private room - don't know what that entails (in terms of money or menu). Frontera also has private dining, but could possibly accomodate you in the regular dining area. They're more casual, too.