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Oct 2, 2006 02:56 PM

Fresh Curry Leaves?

Where the hell do you get fresh curry leaves? I assume curry powder is not a substitute - what is a comprable subsitute though? I'm located in Southeastern MA, if anyone knows of any local markets that carry curry leaves

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  1. No, curry powder is no substitute. Look in Asian markets. The fresh ones are usually on a small branch with a lot of mid-sized green leaves. They look very ordinary. They also freeze well. If I had some ono hand I'd photograph them and post the picture. Maybe someone else does. You probably have seen them and just did not notice. One Korean grocery I shop in is bad about labling things and until I shopped in another market I never paid any attention to them.

    1. Where in Southeast MA are you? I get curry leaves from Dar Grocery in Nashua NH. I also saw some just this weekend, either at C Mart near Chinatown or Russo's in Watertown - sorry I can't remember which because we shopped at both places and my memory is blurry. If you call Russo's they should be able to tell you if they have them or not. At C Mart I haven't come across too many people who speak English so you may not have luck calling them.

      Good luck.

      1. There's no substitute, it's a unique herb. Indian groceries are the place to look.

        I've never heard of curry leaf being used in Korean cooking. What do they call it?

        There's a good picture here:

        Curry leaves are used fresh. When tossed in hot oil they add a unique flavor and nutty aroma. Here's a typical recipe:

        1. to iterate: American "curry powder" is a melange of spices...curry leaves not among them. I don't believe any of the billions of other mainstream pre-ground masalas contain CL, either, but you never know. Check Indian grocers...I've also seen them in SE Asian markets.

          for further info check out Alford/Duguid's wonderful book, Mangoes and (ta-da!) Curry Leaves

          1. Any Indian store should have them. You can buy them dried, but it's not that hard to find them fresh.