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Oct 2, 2006 02:09 PM

Breakfast burrito from McD's

Saturday morning Mr. Janet and I were headed to Blacksburg, VA. Not a lot of time to stop fro breakfast, so we decided on McD's. I was not in the mood for a biscuit and I don't like McMuffins, so I decided to try the breakfast burrito. What a pleasant surprise it was! Hot, fresh, cheesy and not "too" much. I didn't have that ugh feeling that a bacon, egg and cheese biscuit sometimes gives me.

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  1. Ah, the ironic timing.
    I'm about 8 months pregnant and you've caught on to my breakfast about 2x/wk. I get a breakfast burrtio and small OJ w/ice.

    You're so right. It hits the spot without that horrible greasy or big bread loverload feeling you get with their breakfast sandwiches.


    1. I rediscovered the breakfast burrito at McD's a few months ago on a trip from NJ to Maine. I had never been given the packet of "hot" sauce before, but was given it on that trip and it was a revelation. The sauce really adds a little extra something. Definitely my future pick for the quick McD's breakfast.

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        That used to be my favorite part of the McDs breakfast burrito (I had a McDs right next to my HS!!), the salsa packet. It used to be chunky salsa just right the right amount of heat and tang. Then they changed it to a liquidy salsa.... I went right back to my Bacon and Cheese Biscuit after that...

        1. re: Dommy

          Some McDonald's have green salsa packets which is the way to go. Red or green, the sauce makes it so much more tasty, though I like it plain too.

          1. re: rworange

            Oohh..I'll have to remember the green salsa for the next road trip. I like the liquidy sauce they have now, but I can imagine chunky salsa would be even better.

            1. re: rworange

              WOW... thanks... I'm afraid to give this a try again... It's been like 12 years... LOL!! But I do miss those nubby little sausages they had in it... Hmmm...:)


        2. I have had them a few at work we usually get breakfast tacos from some of the local mexican places .Haven't tried the breakfast tacos at Sonic,but McDonald's aren't bad.

          1. I've been mentioning the burritos on chowhound for some time. I get them with two apple pies (2 for 1$) and a milk. That's breakfast for me.

            And yes, you gotta get some salsa to give the burrito some kick.

            1. But doesn't the salsa drip in your car as you're driving??