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Oct 2, 2006 02:07 PM

Produce finds at Hutchins Farm, Concord

Okay, so I've been by this place a thousand times but I'm always on my bike and a good 15-20 miles from home. But this weekend I drove out and the timing was great for the fall produce. They had a decent assortment of apples considering the season, maybe 6-8 varieties, and lots of root veggies: multicolored carrots and rutabagas, turnip, beets. Two or three varieties each of kale and cabbage and potatoes. Escarole, AMAZING tasting mustard greens, broccoli. Of course pumpkins and lots of squashes.

I've cooked up some swiss chard, fingerling potatoes, squashes and they are all wonderful. I got into the apples as soon as we were back in the car, mmmm. Prices seemed a bit higher than I pay at the farmers market for some things, but I got a whole lot for $20.

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  1. Hutchins is great -- I haven't been out to the farm since they reopened for public sales a couple of years ago (they had a year or two when they closed down for ... something. Reorganization, rotating crops, I'm not sure...) but they also have a stand at the Central Square farmer's market on mondays. Very friendly people and great stuff.