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Oct 2, 2006 01:43 PM

Tyler Florence and Applebees?

Ok, I just noticed this yesterday but Tyler Florence is doing ads for Applebees.

I actually liked his shows on the Food Network (just before the whole network jumped the shark and became so schlocky).

How can he possibly have anything to do with Applebees? Oh, the humanity!

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  1. Yes, I'm not sure what to make of it myself! Dh & I had been known to refer to Applebees as Crapplebees. The when I was doing weight watchers (proud size 8 for several years now!) I tried some of the things of their weight watchers menu at it was really good - MUCH better than anything I'd ever had from their standard menu. Is it possible they are not so crappy anymore? Granted I would never choose Applebees over any "real" restaurant, but when I'm running errands w/the kids maybe it isn't the worst option! If anyone tries any of Tylers things there (are there specific menu items that are his or is he just a spokesperson?) let us know what you think!

    1. I saw the ads over the weekend and wondered how long it would take people to jump on this.

      To me, it devalues him as a chef/cook/whatever he is. I've seen some of the things from his Tyler's Ultimate and they look fantastic.

      I seldom eat at Applebee's but I will however keep an open mind. Perhaps they realize that chain food is all the same basically and want to stand above the rest.

      Next time I'm in the states I may even try one of his.


      1. I have eaten at Applebee's a couple of times with friends. I think they have the worst chain foods. I also have a friend who works there who won't eat the food. I am interested in whether this food by Tyler Florence is any good. His recipes are great, maybe his additions to the Applebee's menu will make a difference.

        1. I thought the same thing when I saw the commercials. Then on second thought I figured Applebee's nmust realize how stinky they are and are trying to drag themselves up.

          1. Applebee's is in business for one thing, to make money. Tyler Florence is not a stupid man, he knows he will be well paid for his stint with Applebee's no matter the outcome. Though I do wonder if he talked to Rick Bayless before signing on. Rick had some pretty substantial damage control to do after his fiasco with Burger King. But then why are we putting chefs on pedestals and holding them to standards to which they never agreed, nor may not be achievable.

            The bottom line here with this Applebee's thing isn't the food, it's, well, it's the bottom line. Money talks, and I can guarantee you that both Applebee's and Tyler Florence will both reap some financial rewards from this assiciation no matter how shortlived.

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                what was the rick bayless, burger king thing? I'm not aware of it.

                1. re: amkirkland

                  From 2003 - it didn't last long, and there was never any follow-up.


                  1. re: applehome

                    At one point he did have an explanation on his web site


                    about what had promoted and motivated him to do agree to the commercials and why it was not inconsistent with his principles and beliefs. It may still be there he doesn't really update his website all that frequently, though you may have to dig around for it a bit.

                    His instincts are usually pretty good, but not this time I'd say.