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Oct 2, 2006 01:18 PM

Bloom - a short review

Five of us went for an early dinner on Saturday night. The waitress told us the menu was new as of 2 weeks ago. With only one exception, everything was great. For appetizers, we had crab cakes, caesar salad, grilled calamari and the poached pear salad. For mains we had both the short ribs with green peppercorn sauce and the sticky ribs - both came off the bone easily and were very tasty. My friend had the linquine with lobster, and it was one of the hits of the evening. My hubby had the baby cod in batter (aka fancy fish sans chips). The a la carte sides we shared were tempura asparagus, snow peas, fries, and sweet potato fritters. All were very good, and the fries stood out as great. The only miss was the poached pear and candied pumpkin seed salad. Seeds were basically one big chunk of hard candy with seeds embedded. It was okay, but really not on par with the rest of the dishes.

Overall, both the service and food were great. If you are looking for a good dinner in the village, this would be the place to go.

I think it came in around $50-60 pp.

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  1. Haven't heard of this resto before. Is that the Church St, Spadina, or Bayview Avenue "Village" you refer to?

    1. wrong "villages" it is...

      - Bloor West Village -

      2315 Bloor Street W. -

      Bloom is owned by the same people as Focaccia at Yonge & Bloor. The Chef, Sam Gassira used to be the Chef at Focaccia (until Bloom opened) and is also a consulting chef at Laide.

      1. It was a year ago, but we went to Bloom with a party of 8 and did not have a good experience. We were late for our reservation (but we called!) so maybe some of the problem was with us, however, when we arrived, there were only 2 other tables there.
        The menu is not large, so when your server tells you that they have run out of 2 items, it reduces your choices significantly. Then, after ordering, and receiving our apps, we were told that there was only 1 lamb left (3 or 4 of us had ordered it). To compensate for the problem, they brought out some side dishes that we hadn't ordered. And they charged us for them.
        There were more problems, but the bottom line is that we were underwhelmed.