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Oct 2, 2006 01:00 PM

Source for Portuguese-style chourico in Astoria?

A post on the Home Cooking board has resulted in me having a craving for caldo verde (portuguese kale soup). I want to make it as authentic as possible, so I'd like to use chourico or linguica (sp) instead of chorizo. Anyone know of a source in Astoria/LIC?

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  1. My mom (Portuguese originally from Cambridge MA) and I have been on a mission to find linguica in NYC. For a while there was a store in soho that carried it, but they closed. Then my mom made an agreement with a restaurant in chelsea that would order some extra and sell it to her if she ordered in advance, but that was too much trouble. We finally ended up mail-ordering from RI. That was the easiest and best way to get consistant portuguese-style sausage. Fwiw, we use

    But I look forward to finding NYC sources, so if anyone else knows of any, please post!

    1. salumeria biellese on eighth avenue (around 29th, i believe) makes a pretty good version, and i think i've gotten it at d'espana in jackson heights (northern boulevard, though they now have a soho branch i haven't been to). agreed that it's hard to find, though, and i'm not entirely sure why...

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        Because chorizo is very similar to linguica I'd also recommend D'Espana. Their chorizo is some of the best I've had here in restaurants or out.

      2. I have always gone to Mineola. There's a place on Mineola Blvd called Europa. They have always had some great homemeade linguica

        1. There are dozens of places to buy this in the Ironbound section of Newark. The big Seabra's Supermarket across from the BNP bank stocks dozens of varieties and brands of linguica and chorizo, as well as an assortment of other sausages, cheeses, bacalao, etc. It's a Portuguese dream come true. If you have a car, it has a large parking lot. If not, it's only about a 10-15 minute walk from the PATH train at Newark Penn Station. Lots of interesting chow options in the area, too, for Portuguese and Brazilian food.

          1. Has anybody had any luck finding chourico in the area? I usually have to stock up on it when returning to Fall River, MA to visit family a few times a year. It never lasts as long as I wish it would, and I refuse to pay through the nose for it by mail order. If anyone has any leads, it would be greatly appreciated.