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Riche Restaurant

Has anyone been to Todd English's new restaurant Riche yet? Any comments would be appeciated. Thank you!

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  1. I was looking for the same information. I went to the Harrah's New Orleans website, and I'm a little confused. Besh's Steakhouse in the casino is described as a $$ on the affordability scale. From everything I've read, that steakhouse is extremely expensive.

    Riche gets a $$$$ rating on the same scale. So either the rating for Besh's steakhouse is off, or Riche is priced solely to appeal to high rollers.

    I'd love to be proven wrong, and get some first-hand information about Riche.

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      I can't remember where I read this (read it recently too)but the entrees run about $20 - been to Besh's and his entrees are a bit more. Think Harrah's website screwed up. I went to Todd's own website and none of his restaurants have entrees in the $40 range which is $$$$. The menu for Riche is not on his website yet.

    2. I called Riche and they are oopned for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner every day of the week.

      7:30 to 10:30 a.m.
      11:30 to 2:30 p.m.
      5 to 10:30 p.m.

      1. I went last weekend but only had appetizers. The place is shockingly hip! The food was very good and the atmosphere lively. The whole set up is fascinating. There is an elegantly lighted courtyard with flowers and a live music bar next door. The restaurant has a decidedly french feel to it with dover sole and fois gras. It was busy last Friday night so I assume there is a buzz.

        1. Walked through on Friday, looked like the entrees were 5-10$, and the plats were 18-30$. Besh is expensive and not nearly as elegant as August.

          1. Went to Riche for breakfast three times last week while staying at Harrah's. Food was outstanding and very affordable. Just slightly above the price of the Harrah's buffet and much, much better.

            1. We went to Riche twice for lunch during our visit just to get the onion soup. It was heavenly. We split a burger one day too which was quite good also. They also have wonderful bread. Will definitely go back.

              1. Thank you all for the kind responses to Riche. I am currently the chef and am happy to answer any questions.
                Thanks Again!

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                  Is there a website with your menu on it?

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                    Unfortunately, no. We are working on it...

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                    My partner and I were in your restaurant for Christmas eve and enjoyed everything about the restaurant. Congrats on the excellent food and service.

                    Is the restaurant considering putting in a chef's table?

                    I will be returning in early February and look forward to having another great meal.

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                      Thank you. We don't have a chef's table, but we have a raw bar area that seats up to four...a great way to interact with the kitchen.

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                      Tiffani is no longer at Riche. I heard somewhere that she is now in California somewhere.

                    3. Todd English's website does not show the menu for Riche Restaurant.

                      1. Unfortunately, there is not. Our menu is always posted in the front of the restaurant. I know that doesn't help when you're home in your jammies......we feature French Brasserie classics with little twists. Full raw bar...roast changes every day....

                        1. Had dinner at Riche last night. The foie gras was perfectly seared and served over apples with just a hint of cider vinegar. DC had the half-dozen gulf raw oysters were well chilled and deliciously salty. Husband had the french onion soup, which he enjoyed. DC and I both had the duck confit - again, perfectly crisp. Husband had the sliced, whole stuffed pig which was infused with herbs - wonderful. Sommelier recommended a French claret to DC (host); it was decanted, so I didn't get to see the label, but it was a terrific recommendation.

                          An added plus is that we enjoyed the music from the adjacent jazz club while dining. Minor comments - service was a little rough and bar not well stocked in terms of scotches, but overall a very pleasant experience.

                          1. We went last week.... The Boss had the salmon which was OUTSTANDING....

                            I had the bouillabaisse which definitely was not.... the lobster was overdone, and though the scallops and shrimp were tasty, on the whole the presentation seemed to have spent a long time under a heat lamp.