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Oct 2, 2006 11:08 AM

Dylan's Cockfosters - Time Out - Best Local Restaurant - 2006

Last night I went to meet some friends from North London and I suggested we dine at Dylan's which has just been awarded 'Best Local Restaurant' by Time Out.

Things didn't turn out quite as expected.

Upon our arrival, we were informed that several items were 'off' amounting to a full 40% of the items on the menu. This in a restaurant that only had customers at one other table.

Some steaks arrived cold from the kitchen and only re-appeared when other members of our party had finished their main courses.

My cheese plate arrived in a deeply refrigerated condition.

As some form of compensation, the manager, Paul, did not charge us for wine or deserts, but it was a very disappointing experience and still cost over £30 per head.

Don't think I'll be returning.

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  1. which once again proves that time out must have been dropped on its head as a baby.