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Wanted: Really Good Pumpkin Pie

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Yup, it's that time of year again - overeating and falling asleep afterwards...the Thanksgiving feast. It's my responsibility to WOW the family before they enter the tryptophan slumber by getting the pumpkin pie.

Where should I go for some awesome pumpkin pie in Toronto?

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  1. Wanda's Pie in the Sky has a spicy rich version.

    1. a couple of years ago I had a pumpkin tart from Dufflet's that was out of this world. I don't know if they do them pie size, but if they do, these would wow your family.

        1. I'm getting a pie from Pie in the Sky, I have no idea if it'll be any good but hey, it's for charity so why not! I'm really hoping Dufflet makes my pie. Or Blair from Daniel & Daniel ;-) They're $35 each and choice of pumpkin or apple. Here's the weblink if anyone else is interested:


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            Picked up my Pie in the Sky pies today, the pumpkin one was from Dufflet's and the apple rhubarb one was from the George Brown Chef School. Can't wait to dig in!

          2. There is a brand called Farmers Market and they sell frozen pies that you cook in the oven for 1 hour at 350. It is really good and this will leave you time to consentrate on everything else you need to make for the meal.

            1. Check out Sweet Indulgences in East York (just north of the Danforth). Their baked goods are amazing and you can order ahead or wait in a really big line because they are that good!

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                Im getting mine here, the only thing is they arent taking orders to be picke dup on sun or mon so we have to pick it up on sat

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                  I ordered my pumpkin pie there, but my sister doesnt like pumpkin so Im going to buy her a different kind of pie, have you tried any of their pies? Any stand outs?

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                  Just north of the Danforth where? I live between Coxwell and Greenwood and can't picture where it might be.

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                    On Coxwell in the strip near O'Connor on the west side.

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                      Thanks, "just north of the Danforh" was what confused me. I know where that is. I miss the Scottish butcher who was nearby.

                3. Sure it's not the tops, but Costco actually has a nicely spiced pumpkin pie around this time each year. You'll just have to find ten friends to share it with.

                  1. San Remo on Royal York in Etobicoke has good pumpkin pies. Also open at 8:00 Sundays, closed Mondays.

                    1. I have always had a great tasting pumpkin pie from Dufflets, but this weekend's was nothing to write about. It was lacking the richness and smoothness that I remember (I think from the whipping cream).

                      1. We got a cherry pie and a pumpkin pie from Sweet Indulgences in east york, and they were both very nice, GREAT cinnamony pie crusts! YUM!

                        1. We've moved the recipe for Pumpkin Pie to the Home Cooking Board, to keep the focus here on finding delicious Pumpkin Pies in Toronto.


                          1. Dessert Lady in Yorkville makes pumpkin pies ($12.99 for large size), pumpkin cheesecake and pumpkin white chocolate cookies. She uses only butter in her crust, so if you're a lard crust fan, stay away. I haven't tried the pumpkin pie yet, but will later today (I've been practicing a lot of self-restraint since Saturday when I picked it up!) I did, however, dig into the cookies, and they are delicious and very buttery.

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                              Yum! Dessert Lady's pumpkin pie was a big hit at dinner tonight. Excellent crust, tasty filling, and totally worth buying. Her caramel pecan pie was very good, too.