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Oct 2, 2006 09:32 AM

Film Centre Cafe

I've seen this place come up a couple of times online and I was wondering if any of you fellow Chowhounds had been there recently and what you thought of the place

Worth a visit for a tourist like me with wife and 2 teenagers in tow when we visit New York in February?

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  1. Meant to add, it's on Ninth Avenue

    1. It's fine if you're in the area and want to eat sandwiches, salads, etc., but there are many better and more interesting options in that area. I'm personally very fond of Rice and Beans, the tiny Brazilian place on 9th, I think around 51st St. I'm also in the camp of people who still like Uncle Nick's across the street for simple Greek food.

      1. I don't think it's worth going out of your way to eat there. It's friendly and informal, and the kids would probably feel comfortable there, but it would be more the kind of place I'd go to with a group if some wanted only to drink and some wanted to eat, too.

        Teenagers tend to love Island Burger, a little further up on 9th Ave., which specializes in an astounding variety of hamburgers and grilled chicken sandwiches; good milk shakes, too.

        1. We've had a few decent meals at Film Centre Cafe and a few strange ones (including one where the waitress kept grabbing and refilling our friend's Diet Coke, unbidden, only to charge her later for each refill). Good sweet potato fries though.



          1. Note: I'm really not trying to spam the boards here, but my previous search attempts for "film center cafe" returned no results and only now did I find this "film centre cafe" thread.

            According to Grub Street, the Film Center Cafe recently reopened after a renovation.

            The article goes on to say "New chef Joseph Cacace, formerly of JUdson Grill and Gramercy Tavern, has created a menu of elevated comfort food (pork chops marinated in mustard and sage, wild-mushroom risotto with white-truffle oil), and there will be twenty wines available by the glass."

            Has anyone been by to check out the new menu?