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Best Churrascaria

My nephew is coming to New York in a couple of weeks and is interested in trying a churrascaria - which one is the beast deal in Manhattan or Queens?

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  1. I do not know if it is the best, but it is a good place to start. It is called Greenfields(718-672-5202), in Corona.

    1. I would post this on the Manhattan and Outer Boroughs boards and also maybe a Tri-State post asking specifically about in NJ, especially Newark.

      I think that the places such as Greenfields in Queens are good, but not great. Most if not all of the Queens places are Korean owned and operated and you have to take that into account.

      In Manhattan there are a few places that are a bit pricier and worth it. Do a search on that board since there have been a few very recent posts.

      1. If you're willing to go to Newark, Brasilia (132 Ferry St, Newark) is excellent.

        1. Churrascaria Plataforma - 48th or 49th b/w 8th & 9th in Mnahattan.

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            They opened a branch on Willis Avenue in Albertson (?). Could be
            Roslyn. Where Tequila Sunrise used to be.

          2. Master Grill is bigger than Greenfields. I never went to Greenfields. Its the same type of place.


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              Sad to say that Master Grill (on College Point Blvd.) is closed.

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                Thanks for the info. I was going to go there soon.

            2. How are the ones in Westchester? (I drove by one on Central Park Ave) Are any of them good?

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                We've been to the one on Central Avenue (the name escapes me) and were disappointed. The night we went wasn't very crowded, so the meat kept getting put back on the grill, and became very dry.

                There is a fairly new one in Mt. Vernon, Samba Na Brasa, which was very good. The salad bar was not as extensive as the one that was at Master Grill, but the meats were very tasty.

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                  I second the unfavorable opinion of the one on Central Ave (Churrascaria Brasileira, I believe). I've been twice; admittedly the last time was about 4 years ago, but I was utterly unimpressed. Both times, it seemed that some of the stuff on the buffet was not very fresh.

                  Glad to hear something good about Samba na Brasa; I've been wanting to try it.

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                    We went to Samba na Brasa last night-- it was very good! About 14 different meats. The salad buffet looked fresh and seemed fine, and the meat was all very good. Not quite as salty as traditional Brazilian churrasco, but good. The service was very good, almost too good (kept on asking us if everything was okay). Dinner was $27.95 plus drinks (they ding you for extra soda, be aware!) Also, they had a live band playing which was very good, and in the other room, so not too loud. Overall, we plan on going back, and really now have no reason go to the place on Central Ave (this one is closer to us, and better)