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Oct 2, 2006 06:07 AM

How are the cupcakes at "Hamburgers & Cupcakes?"

As my name suggests, I am a MAJOR cupcake fan.

How are the cupcakes at "Burgers & Cupcakes" on 9th Ave. in the West 30's??

I can't stand the cupcakes at Magnolia and Cupcake Cafe,
so I'm hoping they are different. (read: better)


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  1. They're better than Magnolia & Cupcake Cafe, IMHO. Probably a bit smaller too, if I recall correctly. It's been a few months since I last visited there.

    But I rather stick with Sugar Sweet Sunshine in Rivington St on the LES.

    1. My favorite cupcakes, by far. The cake has a fantastic texture, like an old fashioned cake, and the chocolate frosting is sweet without being cloying. Worth going out of your way for. I've only had the yellow cake with chocolate frosting. Of course, it's the only one I want...

      Their burgers are great too.

      1. I've eaten there twice, once in the restaurant and once for delivery to the office. The delivery was REALLY bad...both the service (completely forgetting one order, omitting any condiments, taking a reeaaally long time considering our office was about a 10 minute walk away) and the food. Burgers were cold, fries soggy and cupcakes tasted stale.

        The one time I ate IN was a completely different experience. I believe a cheeseburger was around $6, so for that price you can definitely do much better, but for a relatively quick bite in the Midtown West area, it was pretty good. That time the cupcakes tasted really homemade...not particularly pretty, loads of yummy frosting. I'm not much of a cake fan so not the best judge, but I thought they were quite tasty.

        So I vote yes, only if you eat in!

        1. Omg...the blueberry vanilla cupcakes are AMAZING!

          1. I'll second the blueberry vanilla cupcakes. No one in my office cares much for the burgers, but at least once a week, someone will order cupcakes.

            We've had problems with their delivery also. Somehow, they always mess _something_ up. They are around the corner, so I find it a better option to just walk over there.