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peppermint pickle?

Okay - i am really just trying to settle a debate here. My girlfriend insists that it was perfectly normal for her to have pickles with peppermint sticks shoved inside of them when she was young. She's from Chicago, so I don't know if this is normal.

It sounds disgusting. She also has a habit of not remembering things quite right.

Any thoughts? Is this normal anywhere? Does this sound vaguely like anything anyone would ever want to eat?

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  1. I read this and just had to google it - it was to gross to be real. It seems they do exist - who would have thought! From what I read online they seem to be an African American recipe (many of the articles that came up referenced Black History month).

    Try your own search - you may be able to find a recipe. I also came across another food chat board that referenced peppermint pickles, so you're not the only non-beliver, as it were.

    1. Yes it's so.Pickles and Pepermint make a great pair.Actually I was looking for them or a recipe,and found this forum. It was a fond childhood memory that got me searching for them.

      1. We used to put a peppermint stick in an orange, and suck out the juice. Ah what memories. but no pickles and mints...

        1. Yes your friend is correct. I was just telling my wife about that...she is from southbend and I was telling her about my memories as a kid in chicago. I was raised on the southside in the "wild 100's" (Roseland to be proper)!

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            I'm from the Wild 100's too.:-) Went to Fenger Class of 98. I remember those pickles with the pepp mint stick in the center. I tasted it to find out what the appeal was, but found it to be not good or bad.:-)

          2. OK. I thought my request a while ago about coke and peanuts was weird, but this beats that by far. I can't even imagine what that would taste like... and unlike the coke and peanuts I'm not sure if I want to try. Does it have to be a specific type of pickle?

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              My mother grew up in Los Angeles, CA and went to high school in the late 60's. She passed her love of Dill Pickles with a peppermint stick pushed down into the middle onto me when i was a kid in the 80's. On first thought it sounds disgusting...but its actually very good. Who knew?! Every christmas she would giggle like a fool when candy canes went on sale, and next thing I knew, there was a jar of Vlasic dills on the kitchen counter, and half the canes off the tree would be gone.

              Mothers are crazy like that.

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                Ok, maybe combined with a Vlasic pickle, for that neon/neon experience. Otherwise it seems like a crime against nature.

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                  Yes - I have to agree that this sounds pretty questionable, at best. I still haven't tried it. Maybe the neon-neon fake foods flavoring is just what's needed here.

              2. re: Ladycale

                Dill pickles were good but hot pickles were better!

              3. I don't know anything about peppermint and pickles, but it reminded me of another odd combination I encountered - tomato soup and marshmallows. Has anybody ever heard of adding marshmallows to tomato soup? The person I saw doing this lives in new england and said that is how his mother always served it.

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                1. Jean Shepherd (narrator of A Christmas Story) used to mention sucking the juice out of a dill pickle through a peppermint stick on his radio show on WOR. He grew up in Hammond Indiana, which could be considered southern Chicago.

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                    I know the original inquiry is way old, but....if you do a search for <pickles peppermint sticks> the "memory" gets mentioned quite a few times.

                  2. We have a family recipe for cinnamon pickles made with red hots.

                    1. It is perfectly normal. I am from the south and I grew up with pickles and peppermint sticks. We also did now and laters with pickles and jolly rancher sticks with pickles. People also do kool-aid pickles in which you put pickles in kool-aid and they change colors. You can get red, purple, and boring old green, and they are sweet and sour. It sounds nasty as everyone looks at me crazy when I discuss this, but it is very good.

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                        i'm from the south, too, and have never heard of these until this thread.

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                          I just got back from Chicago and had a sit down with my wife's mother. They did the same jolly rancher & now & later thing, which yes, sounds pretty nasty. But I am really intrigued, because it could be really tasty as well.

                          Where in the south is this done Like I've mentioned, my wife is from Chicago...

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                            yes, but i was asking johnna, who said she grew up with it in the south. maybe her folks were from chicago? ;-)

                      2. This is too funny. I am on the phone with my friend right now and I was telling her about how I use to eat pickes with peppermints inside of them. I from Houston TX and I have always eaten them like that. My husband thinks it's discusting and he's from New York. My friend thinks I'm crazy but she is getting ready to try one. I knew I wasn't the only one. Thanks for posting this one. I'm only four years late to responding. lol

                        1. I remember it well. Poking a peppermint stick into a pickle was common on the South Side of Chicago. We would use those big, kosher dills like you get at a deli. The popular brand was called Van Holten and they came in a little plastic bag, We would put a small peppermint stick down the middle. This was a very popular treat!

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                            Aw fercrissake mike.
                            I am from Chicago, north side, and I've never even heard of this. AND I'm old!
                            But youse from Sout-A-Madison never cease to amaze me ;-p

                          2. This reminds me of reading for the first time, an article on kool aid dill pickles. I had no idea such a "food" existed. And the colour of them, I yi yi! But in hindsight, how silly of me to think a screaming bright red or neon green dill pickle is weird. I've learned in my many years, that some people will eat anything!
                            If you haven't seen kool aid dill pickles. Click on the link. Not surprisingly, peppermint pickles are mentioned in the article too.


                            1. When I have a cold and have a chance to get a sour pickle and impale it with a stick of peppermint it is quite soothing. Btw, I am from Milwaukee. :-)

                              1. ha, next time someone teases me about my peanutbutter and dill pickle sandwiches.... LOL

                                gotta admit, this sounds like something you gotta start out young with, or be very brave... ok, or perhaps drunk... interesting interesting interesting.

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                                  I can't make fun of you for it, Kaimuki -- my grandmother LOVED peanut butter and pickle sandwiches. Never quite screwed my courage up enough to try it.

                                2. I grew up in St. Louis during the 80's and it was quite common in the black community. We would get those individual bagged pickles (or one out the big jar), eat the top down and then put a peppermint or Jolly Rancher stick in the middle and "muddle" the middle to release the juices and break the candy down. This definitely brings back memories or going to the penny candy store or visiting the neighborhood Candy Lady, lol. Good times.

                                  1. Where I grew up in Chicago, we always got dill or sour pickles and put peppermint sticks in it. It was sooooo good. Sometime we would put kool-aide in them.

                                    1. yes, yes, yes! We would get pickles from the pickle jar at the corner store and the store clerk would put a peppermint stick in the middle. We sucked on the peppermint and when it was done, we ate the pickle!!! The taste was awesome sweet/sour!! Only on the South Side of Chicago!!!