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Oct 2, 2006 05:58 AM

peppermint pickle?

Okay - i am really just trying to settle a debate here. My girlfriend insists that it was perfectly normal for her to have pickles with peppermint sticks shoved inside of them when she was young. She's from Chicago, so I don't know if this is normal.

It sounds disgusting. She also has a habit of not remembering things quite right.

Any thoughts? Is this normal anywhere? Does this sound vaguely like anything anyone would ever want to eat?

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  1. I read this and just had to google it - it was to gross to be real. It seems they do exist - who would have thought! From what I read online they seem to be an African American recipe (many of the articles that came up referenced Black History month).

    Try your own search - you may be able to find a recipe. I also came across another food chat board that referenced peppermint pickles, so you're not the only non-beliver, as it were.

    1. Yes it's so.Pickles and Pepermint make a great pair.Actually I was looking for them or a recipe,and found this forum. It was a fond childhood memory that got me searching for them.

      1. We used to put a peppermint stick in an orange, and suck out the juice. Ah what memories. but no pickles and mints...

        1. The original comment has been removed
          1. Yes your friend is correct. I was just telling my wife about that...she is from southbend and I was telling her about my memories as a kid in chicago. I was raised on the southside in the "wild 100's" (Roseland to be proper)!

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              I'm from the Wild 100's too.:-) Went to Fenger Class of 98. I remember those pickles with the pepp mint stick in the center. I tasted it to find out what the appeal was, but found it to be not good or bad.:-)